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Donny Most

As a child growing up in Brooklyn, NY, Don Most wanted to be just like the entertainers in his favorite film, The Jolson Story. While in junior high school, Don committed to the professional study of acting, singing, and dancing. At fifteen, Don got his first big break as part of a teenage musical revue that played the famous “Borscht-Belt” circuit of New York’s Catskill Mountains.

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Just as younger audiences have embraced Tony Bennett, while retaining his original fan base, so to it appears that Donny Most has tapped into that which keeps audiences coming back for more – a love of good music. His Rat Pack quality seems to bring in audiences of all ages and backgrounds. – Broadway World

Whether performing Sinatra, Dino or Duke Ellington, Donny carries each note with full grace and energy. – The Hollywood Times

What a (singing) voice!! What energy! Who knew? (Move over Michael Buble.) – HUFFINGTON POST

“Most’s retro-recent reinvention is an irrefutable force to be reckoned with!” – The Los Angeles Beat

Don’t mistake his one-man show for celebrity self-indulgence or stunt-casting: Donny Most can really sing. – Highlight Hollywood

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