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The music of gospel singer-songwritter Joyce “Dottie” Rambo is internationally reknowned for having simple melodies and articulate lyrical qualities. Her themes were often religious in nature dealing with topics such as Heaven, being a born-again Christian and the Christian sacrafice.

Dottie Rambo learn to play guitar as a child while listening to the Grand Ole Opry on the radio in Nashville. By the age of eight she was already writing her own songs and by the age of ten she was singing and playing country music on a local radio station.

At twelve she became a born-again Christian and made a commitment to compose and perform Christian music. Her father did not approve so she left home and formed a trio called “The Gospel Echoes”.

In 1950 Dottie Rambo was sixteen and met Buck Rambo who she shortly married. Throughout the 1960s she was starting to become more well known as she travelled internationally with Buck and their daughter Reba calling themselves “The Singing Rambos”.

Dottie Luttrell Rambo got her start in Southern Gospel by writing songs and performing at revivals. She was eight years old when she first became interested in writing songs. By the age of 12, she had left home to sing full time. Governor Jimmie Davis of Louisiana heard her music and signed her to a writing contract when she was still in her teens. She married Buck Rambo when she was 16, and their daughter Reba was born when Dottie was 18. Reba began performing with the group when she was three years old. As she grew older, the Rambos grew to be one of the most popular family trios in gospel music.

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