Instrument: Vocalist

Born: January 4

After two successful and well-received classic R&B CDs, singer Douye’ is on a career path that has taken an unexpected but ultimately logical turn. Douye’ (pronounced Doe-Yay) has re-emerged as a very talented jazz singer on her impressive new recording Daddy Said So. It may seem as if this is a radical change but, as Douye’ explains, it is actually a return to her roots.

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”whether she is addressing romance and sensuality, the warm memories from her childhood or the love of simplicity. So Much Love is another steady step forward in the burgeoning career of this talented singer/songwriter.”, Soultracks

“Douyé's music is just something you have to surrender to, as it sweeps the listener up in its rich textures and heavenly melodies, a feast for the senses, a collection of paeans to love and positivity carried enticingly by her ceaselessly melodious singing.”, Fame Review

Douye is definitely on the road to stardom, and with the kind of prominence she’s been receiving, it’s easy for her to lay back and relax a bit

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