Drago Ivanusa

Drago Ivanusa

Instrument: Piano | Location: Ljubljana

Updated: October 9, 2017

Born: March 22, 1969

Drago Ivanuša is a composer of film and theatre music, a pianist and accordionist.

He is one of the most active Slovene composers. Since 1991, he has written the music for around 130 theatre and dance performances, and 23 films, as well as many independent compositions for chamber groups and orchestra. He has worked with some of the best Slovene directors and choreographers. He has nurtured his love of theatre since when he was young and attended the Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet, watched performances and learned in the Theatre Studio. Ivanuša typically performs his music live; his other notable characteristics are sound interventions and strong dramaturgic features that often place his music in the centre of staged performances.

When in the Nineties Slovene cinematography experienced a renaissance, he began working with film directors, helping them create a number of internationally awarded films. Film Bread and Milk (directed by Jan Cvitković) received the Golden Lion of the Future at the 2001 Venice film festival. Now he also works with the younger generation of film directors.

His oeuvre includes compositions for string quartet, piano, accordion, trumpet, clarinet, oboe, French horn, various voices, choir and symphonic orchestra.

His most representative solo projects are Hotel Ideal, Happy Birthday Dr. Ago, Ivanuša & Kugler (duo for piano and drums, together with Enos Kugler), Whitman (together with drum player Enos Kugler - on poetry of Walt Whitman) and most recent work Raising the Voice (for voice, piano, marimba, double - bass and percussion).

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Pianist and film score composer Drago Ivanuša may well be of the opinion that history is doomed to repeat itself. His project La Bête humaine [The Human Beast], inspired by Jean Renoir's 1938 film of the same name, chimed with the mood of the times then as now—sombre, tense, wild and unpredictable.

The spare lyricism of the classically hued intro, with its delicate trills and pretty ornaments, hardly prepared the listener for the intensely jangling motifs punctuated by piston-like bass notes that intervened. The delicate mood was restored like a fine veil in an emotionally gripping start to this solo piano performance

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Drago Ivanuša
Cankarjev Dom
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Drago Ivanuša - La Bête...
Handelsbeurs Concert Hall
Ghent, Belgium
Drago Ivanuša - La Bête...
Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria Oslo
Oslo, Norway