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Drori Mondlak

Drori Mondlak is one of the outstanding jazz drummers on today's international jazz scene. His touch, subtlety, and interactive approach to playing have brought him critical acclaim and performing opportunities with many creative musicians in diverse musical situations. He also co-leads the quartet Karolina Strassmayer & Drori Mondlak- KLARO! which currently tours and records in Europe.

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” The precision, speed and reserved strength of Mondlak’s drumming are reminiscent of Joe Morello in his early years with Dave Brubeck.” -Doug Ramsey - Rifftides

“ Mondlak is a deeply melodic drummer, but with the deceptive power and finessse of someone like Joe Morello. He is is the driver's seat, pushing the soloists but never being pushy. You get the sense that he 's arranging the improvisations from the drum throne.” -Andrew Lentz, DRUM!

“Mondlak's melodic approach to the drum set results in considerable tonal color. His polyphonic percussion not only lays the foundation for the grooves, but also adds a harmonic facet to their structures.” -Hrayr Attarian, JAZZIZ

“Mondlak exhibits an eloquent speech-like personality while he executes his multiple functions; he internalizes his drum kit completely

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Primary Instrument



New York, NY

Willing to teach

Beginner to advanced


Drori is committed to sharing the knowledge he has accumulated over the course of twenty five years of his involvement with the instrument and performing professionally in many diverse situations.

He believes that the instrument is also a means to self- discovery and a vehicle for creative expression that gives a person the opportunity to develop and express their own unique voice.

He is passionate about teaching and helping drummers further their creative art form.

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