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Phil Hendrickson Phil Hendrickson

In Nashville, St. Louis, and around the midwest, Phil has played everything from gospel, country, blues, rock, and orchestral, to (of course) jazz. It all has to swing. “If it doesn't swing, I'm not in it.” Phil alternates between drumset and congas/percussion as the gig demands.

Phil's playing is frequently described as tasty and musical. “My goal is to prove that a drummer is a musician -- not just someone who hangs around behind musicians.”

Phil most often plays with Sarabande Jazz in and around Lincoln, Nebraska.


Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute toms and bass; PDP "Woody" snare; Pearl Sensitone bronze snare; Remo Fiberskin 3 heads; Vic Firth sticks; Zildjian and Bosphorous cymbals; LP congas and Treeworks chimes.


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