Duck Scott Duck Scott

Born in Philadelphia. Son of jazz organist Shirley Scott.Has performed nationally and internationally with various well known artists such as Brother Jack Mc Duff,Richard “groove”Holmes,Jimmy Smith,Arthur Prysock,”Wild”Bill Davis,Charles Earland,and. of course Shirley Scott to name a few. He performed over seas and recorded on the “Organic Music”label with the U.S.Organ Trio spearheaded by Michael Arlt. Guitarist extrordinaire.But by no means should you stereotype him as an organ drummer exclusively.He has also performed the Mellon jazz festival with The Johnny Coles Quintet and Chicagos Grant Park jazz festival.Big Band performances with LionelHampton , Illinois Jaquet. Hank Crawford, Tal Farlow,Jimmy Night Train Forest Al Grey'sCount Basie All Stars”and the list goes on! Anything that swings,he fits like a pair of kid gloves.


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