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Erik Borelius

Label: EB Music
Released: 1994
Duration: 00:40:00
Views: 325

Track Listing

1. Duende, 2. Escalé, 3. Midsommarvaka, 4. Säg Inte Nej, Senorita, 5. Skymningsfjärd, 6. Solé, 7. Fat Pal Party, 8. Tiden Står Stilla, 9. Hymn


Erik Borelius - Guitars, Aare Pöder - Keyboards

Album Description

Pressrelease DUENDE (EB MUSIC 1994). SWEDISH GRAMMY-NOMINATION IN THE INSTRUMENTAL GENRÉ “Duende” is, to a great extent, recorded on Ljusterö (an island) in the Stockholm archipelago looking out over the mighty Saxar bay. The nature there and environment has influenced me a lot and it has been a purpose of mine, in many of the melodies on “Duende”, to try to describe the feelings I have by the shores of Saxar bay. For example in “Skymningsfjärd” (“Bay of twilight”). On “Duende” I mix different styles of music; the title song is inspired by a spaghetti western and in “Säg inte nej Senorita” (“Don´t say no senorita”) you can hear Spanish flamenco influences. I have tried to capture the Nordic melancholy in Hugo Alfvéns “Midsommarvaka” (“Midsummer-nightwatch”) and “Fat Pal Party” is more of a jazz melody. Aare Pöder is the name of the skillful keyboard player from Estonia who embellishes the melodies with his playing. “Hymn” is his own composition. On “Midsommarvaka” Aare plays on a 70 year old school organ. If you hear anything hissing it is him pumping air to the pipes. On the whole there is a chance that you can hear the wooden floor moving, when I stamp the beat or when the wind is howling against the window. In my opinion these sounds connect the music with reality. Not like in a soundproof room were the tone dies without effects. “Tiden står stilla där jag vill vara” – (“The time stands still were I want to be”) is an unusual melody for me – I am singing! It doesn’t follow a common verse-chorus concept but it has an important message. Seize the day! My nylon and steel stringed acoustic guitars plays the leading role on “Duende”, but the electric guitar can be heard now and then. For example in “Tiden står stilla…”. Thanks to Johan Adelstål who created the cover for “Duende”.

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