Dwight Bosman Dwight Bosman

Dwight D. Bosman received a Bachelor of Science in Music at Florida A & M University; where he was a member of the nationally renowned FAMU Marching 100 Band. During his professional career, Dwight has performed on national and international events including the SOHO Jazz Festival in London and the Adolph Coors Company’s “CLIMB UP TO COORS” national talent search contest where he served as Music Director. Television appearances include “Jazz at the Moose”, featuring “The Bosman Twins” an 1/2 hour PBS Special and Don Wolff’s, “I Love Jazz” on HEC and KETC TV “Skyline Salutes the Sheldon”. Dwight has performed with a variety of musicians, including Curtis Mayfield, Noble “Thin Man” Watts, Fontella Bass, Branford Marsalis, Jazz Trumpeter Lester Bowie, and David Peaston. He has shared the stage with The Ohio Players, and Freddie Cole. Dwight has toured Europe extensively with his own group, The Bosman Twins, and also with Fontella Bass. In addition to his work as a musician and composer, as Band Director, Dwight dedicated more than 30 years to teaching music in the St. Louis Public School District, St. Louis Symphony Community Music School and the Webster University Community Music School. As a Readers Digest-Artist in Residence, Dwight conducted workshops throughout the state of Vermont. He has directed jazz workshops across the United States and Europe

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