Echoes is a collectivist ensemble whose music pairs futuristic electronic sounds with focused improvisations to create a sound that is uniquely their own. Inspired by 21st-century ideals of cross-pollination and experimentation, the group augments its already unorthodox instrumentation with a variety of electronic instruments, loops, and triggers to explore new sonic and rhythmic territory together. Over the course of almost four years of touring and performing, their talents have brought them to venues all across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In August 2018, the band released its first EP, “Square Two,” and conducted an extensive tour of the West Coast of the United States. In early September the band completed a residency at the renowned Avaloch Farm Music Institute and recorded their first LP to be released in 2019.
”Great quartet. Check these guys out!” —Jonathan Kreisberg

“A profound trans-idiomatic ensemble that is charting a new course for jazz music in 2017.” —Jay Ashby

Upcoming Shows

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Bell's Eccentric Cafe
Kalamazoo, MI
Palace Theater Poli Club
Waterbury, CT