The Ecumenics were brought to gether to record Loren Stillman's music and Bruce Heckman's lyrics. The beauty and comfort of original spiritual music lifted by the excitement of modern jazz improvisation. Loren Stillman, alto sax; Kate McGarry, vocals; Aaron Goldberg, keyboards; Ali Jackson, drums.

STAINED GLASS JAZZ was started to record live jazz by superb musicians performing original music and lyrics. The first project is of spiritual music by the ECUMENICS(TM), but subsequent projects are planned to record unique jazz treatments of the blues, chants, folk, and any other inspiration that fits.

We felt that breaking into the recording business with new music is extremely difficult. The technology is such that excellent recordings can be produced, packaged, and distributed in a manageable way. Independent labels are flexible and respond more rapidly to market demands. The recent increase in the popualrity of jazz also encouraged us to form this record company.

LOREN STILLMAN composed the music for Stained Glass Jazz' first project, JAZZ PSALMS(c), to convey peace and comfort to listeners and apply the contrast of modern jazz improvisation to the more traditional form. Loren was a semi-finalist in the 2002 Thelonius Monk International Jazz Competition and has won DOWNBEAT's Outstanding Performance award for jazz instrumental in 1996 and 1998. He was just named to the list of up and coming alto sax players in Downbeat's critics' poll

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