Eduardo Negrao

My passion for music started early, when I was 4 years old, I think. I remember my uncle Mario putting me on his lap and trying to show me the instruments in the orchestra: Look Du, this is a here come the French horns...notice how he repeats the theme only with the strings...look how the flute dialogs with the oboe...I didn�'t understand anything, but I loved music!

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Edu puts himself out there so naturally that it’s hard to believe this is his first work, the compositions are light and commited to a music of rare intensity. Maur�-cio Gouvêa ��” International Magazine

Exellent arrangements, mature harmonies and consistent compositions are the glow of this beautiful CD. He knows how to “flow with the music”. Márcio Okayama ��” Guitar Player

Considered one of the best composers of the 2nd BDMG Instrumental Awards Milton Luiz ��” O Tempo

Owner of a melodic frasing, the guitar player and composer Edu Negrao really impresses us with his debuting work. Gustavo Martins ��” Guitar Player

Edu’s compositions and arrangements, not to mention his well elaborated solos set “the mood” with a great “blending” of colective sonorities. José Domingos Raffaelli ��” musical reviwer for BDMG instrumental awards

Fabulously melodic compositions directly from Sao Paolo, Brazil. “A new Brazilian talent reaches the U.S

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