Eddy Rollin Eddy Rollin

Edward Rollin Oboist multi-instrumentalist instrument inventor has been performing improvisational music since the 1960’s. Although Mr. Rollin is classically trained, having studied with some of the greatest oboists of this era, Lucarelli, Mack, Lifschey, Douvas, Gomberg, Gillet etc. Mr. Rollin’s calling has been improvisation. For many years he has performed playing Oboe, English horn, Oboe d’Amore, ethnic double reeds (Shennai, Mizmah) invented instruments (Twanger, Angel Harp, Goofy Horn, Giraffe Horn etc.), saxophone, electric bass, and vocals around town since 1980. In the 1980’s to the present Mr. Rollin has used hand picked musicians for his ensembles, Inspirational Ensemble, Phantom Lovers, (improvisational funk band), Straphangers Art Ensemble, The Eddy Rollin Ensemble and his most recent venture The Big Bang Ensemble. There are numerous videos of Mr. Rollin’s music groups on youtube (enter Eddyvibe in the search engine). Mr. Rollin is a graduate of California Institute Of The Arts, did Graduate work at Boston University and San Francisco State University. Mr. Rollin has toured South East Asia, Continental United States, played at the Newport Jazz festival. He also pursues acting (member of Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA), screenplay writing (Summer Of ’70) autobiographical screenplay about Eddy back packing his oboe and hitchhiking over 6000 miles across the United States and Canada in 1970 and photography.


”Eddy Rollin plays oboe, English horn, saxophone, Ethnic double reeds, Kalimba and invented instruments (Giraffee Horn, Angel Harp, Guitar Twanger, etc. Eddy currently resides in Easton, PA. He is from Brooklyn, NY, born in the Halfmoon Hotel in Coney Island. He has performed with Lukas Ligeti, Butch Morris, Karl Berger, Bruce Eisenbeil and many others. Eddy has also recorded with various projects on Artichoke and Maitre'd records. Eddy engages in emotional passages of exotic unpredictability when performing.”

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