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Allan Holdsworth

Label: Manifesto
Released: 2017
Views: 1,728

Track Listing

CD 1: 1. Sixteen Men of Tain; 2. The Drums Were Yellow; 3. Eidolon; 4. How Deep Is the Ocean; 5. Nuages; 6. Ruhkukah; 7. Low Levels, High Stakes; 8. Tullio; 9. Sphere of Innocence; 10. Dodgy Boat; 11. Against the Clock; 12. City Nights; 13. 54 Duncan Terrace; 14. Road Games.
CD 2: 1. Peril Premonition; 2. Distance Vs. Desire; 3. Pud Wud; 4. Non-Brewed Condiment; 5. Funnels; 6. Metal Fatigue; 7. Home; 8. Devil Take the Hindmost; 9. Tokyo Dream; 10. Water on the Brain-Pt. II; 11. Letters of Marque; 12. Temporary Fault; 13. The 4.15 Bradford Executive; 14. Curves.

Album Description

Allan Holdsworth: guitars; Gary Novack: drums; Dave Carpenter: piano; Gordon Beck: piano, keyboards; Gary Willis: bass; Kirk Covington: drums; Steve Hunt: keyboards; Gary Husband: drums, keyboards; Skúli Sverrisson: bass; Jimmy Johnson: bass; Naomi Star: voice; Vinnie Colaiuta: drums; Alan Pasqua: piano; Jeff Berlin: bass; Chad Wackerman: drums; Jack Bruce: voice; Bob Wackerman: bass; Clair Holdsworth: voice; Jeffrey Ocheltree: hammer; Billy Childs: keyboards; Paul Williams: voice; Paul Carmichael: bass.


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