Live! Songbook Watch Party with Dominick Farinacci

Songbook Watch Party with Host Dominick Farinacci

Eivind Austad

Eivind Austad is a piano/keyboard player living in Bergen, Norway. He has got a bachelor´s degree in jazz performance from the jazz department (Jazzlinja) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim (NTNU) and a Master´s degree in Music teaching from Bergen University College (Hib).

He has been working as a freelance musician since the mid 1990´s and has worked in a variety of different musical settings with many well known artists. His main jazz projects are his own trio, Eivind Austad Trio and the jazz quartet Living Space, fronted by the great saxophone player Kjetil Møster.

A list of other freelance projects he is doing includes work with the multi-artist Ole Hamre, different kinds of theater work, band gigs in all genres and accompanist work as an accompanist for singers and choirs. A more extensive list can be found in the CV.

Eivind is also a long time faculty member of The Grieg Academy, where he is working as Assistant Professor in jazz piano, ear training, arranging/composition, jazz history and ensemble.



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