Instrument: Vocalist | Location: Melbourne

Updated: April 5, 2019

Born: September 5, 1985

Eldafyre grew up in Shepparton, Victoria. His early 20’s were spent in the city of Melbourne. Now 38 he resides within the northern rivers of NSW or hidden in the mountains around Hepburn. His first official album was created in 2016. A dark jazz, smokey noir feeling with influences to the likes of Patti smith and Rodriguez. Written with intention, dedicated to love and the journey of spoken word is paramount to the brand ELDAFYRE, A Story. He likes to think of himself as a story teller. In 2017 ‘Islands in mind’ was formed as a 2nd album... Instead with an ‘island vibe’ feel. Beach sounds married with stories taking shape around the Byron coast. Dedicated to the oasis and the dream we are all trying to achieve. All his albums are collaborated with some of the best session musicians available in Australia. In 2018, the birth to a new beast arrived, 'death of the surrenders'. A third (punk/funk/rock) album. Australian and Melbourne music recorded at its finest. Eldafyre is a stylist studio musician, a poet. The latest album crafted to a garage rock jam vibe. In the years to come he will create an array and expansive collection of music to entice those seeking originality as they fall into the captivated sounds of a word smith, peace and big love. Three studio albums now mastered and created in two of the oldest and longest running recording venues. Allen Eaton & sing sing studios are Australian icons in music and film.

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