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Elena Poletti & Band

ELENA POLETTI & BAND - The art of vocal jazz

Many are the possible ways that lead to a successful musical interplay in the language of jazz. Elena Poletti chooses to emphasize, with her mature and distinct vocal personality, her unique arrangement of every tune.

Listening to the Italian modern jazz singer performing standards and modern jazz classics with her band, established from some years in Germany, one gets completely involved in the magical interaction and the modern improvising, where the perfect interplay shows that she has found the right partners in music.

Her personal interpretation, together with her expert vocal technique, allows her incredible use of the dynamics and perfect control of the intonation. With a singular flexibility, Elena Poletti can remarkably interpret excellent jazz ballads and swing with authority on modern jazz classics. Furthermore, she can still surprise her audience with her warm latin jazz, where the compositions of Antonio Carlos Jobim find a new birth through her original resolution.

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