Elis Casado

Elis receives his first musical lessons from his father. He also receives guitar lessons from a local teacher at age 12. But later becomes interested in the keyboards and piano. After playing in several rock bands, he studies jazz intensively on his own for several years.

In 2002 he joins the jazz-blues band Basin Street Café; the climax being the performance in the 10th anniversary of Cazorla's International Blues Festival, where they present Takeaway Gumbo, recorded in April 2004. Elis contributes to this record with four original compositions. One of them is used for the soundtrack of the Basque film Txakurkalea (Dog Street), written and directed by David Civico.

In 2006 Elis takes part in the formation of the jazz quintet Bemsha Bounds. After numerous gigs in the jazz club scene in the Basque Country, they record the album Room Full of Swing ; an album that is presented live in Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazzaharrean 2007 Jazz Festival.

After creating his own record label -Sile Music-, he releases his first solo work Ripples in September 2008; with Mikel Sasia (guitar), Rik Bernabé (electric and double bass) and Aritza de Castro (drums). Elis presents this record live at Santurtzi's Jazz & Blues Festival in October 2008.

In November 2010 Elis launches his second solo album Crab In The Lamp. The lineup for this album is Miguel Ram


(Live Gear) -Hammond XB-1 -Roland RD-150 digital piano

Elis Casado is one of the most passionate and musical innovators in the Basque Country scene. He is visual, improvisational, disciplined and integral in musical principles; and, best of all, he doesn’t suffer from the anxiety of the conventional. Elis is a frantic mutant who growls and roars in live performances with all his body senses.

‘Ripples’ is the title of his latest adventure. In this self-produced work, he shows us, once again, a great capacity to integrate his musical experience. A daring, fresh, uninhibited as well as mature record; where the interrelation of the quartet is outstanding

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