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Elliot (Firefly) Peters

I grew up in Seattle where I began my musical journey to become the semi-jazz writer I am today. I started guitar in sixth grade and haven't stopped since. Piano is another one of my strongholds. I started piano when I was five and grew up listening to symphonies and movie soundtracks. At the age of thirteen I discovered jazz. I remember listening to Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue,' and being totally awe struck by the sweet sounds of the piano and orchestra. I then took it upon myself to learn the entire fifteen minute piece untill i was completely satisfied with the way it sounded (still haven't stopped). I took a few music theory classes during my freshman/sophomore years and was actively enrolled in theatre where I played alot of piano for that particular department. I'm still very much learning the aspects of jazz and probably will never stop. My mom is a wonderful music teacher who taught me how to use my voice the right way when I was a child, I thank her very much for that. I'm happy as long as I'm playing, as long as my fingers are still able to slide up and down the fretts of the guitar and strong enough to pound the keyboard like there's no tomorrow.


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