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Elon Turgeman

Guitarist and composer, was born in 1960, in Jerusalem, Israel into a musical family.His father had an especially fine voice and was a cantor in the synagogue, so that from Elon’s earliest childhood, he heard and absorbed the liturgical music of the Jews of Morocco. His mother came from the Azoulai family, who had performed in the royal court of Morocco, and many of his relatives are excellent musicians. Thus the rich and varied musical tradition of North Africa is one of the foundations of his music. In his parents’ home, he was also influenced by his older brothers, who played guitar and sang along with records of Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and others. So he was exposed to Oriental and Western music from the day of his birth. He fell in love with the guitar as a young boy, and at the age of twelve he began to play seriously, spending most of the hours of the day with his guitar. Two years later, upon reaching the age of fourteen, he already played rock impressively and started his own band, “The Creation,” which appeared in clubs and festivals and even produced a cassette for the radio with Elon’s original songs.

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