Emilia Vancini

Instrument: Vocalist

Emilia Vancini comes from Cento, a small Italian town in the Po Valley.

Classically trained in piano, Emilia’s professional development in music in Italy, England, Germany, the United States of America and the Netherlands has formed her, and her craft.

She has a voice of her own, with a hint of a skipping needle resulting in an authentic raspy sound. A voice ideally suited to the traditions of the Italian singer-songwriters, the cantautori, and jazz, where soulfulness and passion are captured and enhanced by genuine and distinctive sounds.

According to her parents, as a child Emilia was always singing, performing to imaginary audiences and practising the piano. Periods in her life in which she was not working professionally with her voice have been determinant, ultimately leading her back to music, to song and poetry. Song is in Emilia, she is first and foremost a singer, and she feels blessed to be able to explore and further enhance her talents, skills and passion for music.

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