Enclave Diaspora

Enclave Diaspora by Hilary Noble

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Hilary Noble

Label: Enclave Jazz
Released: 2009
Duration: 52:25
Views: 157

Track Listing

TRACKS: 1. Crossroads; 2. Rue De Buci; 3. Iyá Modupué; 4. A-Frayed; 5. Improvisaciones Sobre Yemayá; 6. Chorinho Pra Lemãnjá; 7. Ocean Mother; 8. Nameless; 9. Moab; 10. Mars Bars; & 11. Blue Cross.


Hilary Noble
Hilary Noble

saxophone, tenor

Additional Personnel / Information

Hilary Noble, tenor saxophone, flute, congas, percussion; Rebecca Cline, keyboards; Fernando Huergo, electric bass, Steve Langone, drums, percussion.

Album Description

"Tracks such as “Iya Modupue,” “Suite for Yemaya” and “Moab” go deep into the heart of Afro-Caribbean ritmo and reverberate with a transcendent pulse. The ensemble drives deepest into Yoruba ritual with “Iyá Modupué”, and here Cline and Noble with Huergo and Langone almost become Santeria celebrants as they weave their voices in swirling and pulsating harmony in an almost magical, speech-like manner. This ocean of sound gushes mightily through “Suite for Yemaya” and “Moab,” both of which also dance with interminable grace." Latinjazznet.com


Album uploaded by Hilary Noble


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