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Eric Person is setting a new standard in sound. For over twenty years, Eric has been committed to composing, recording and performing contemporary American music. He plays the alto and soprano saxophones and flute and is featured as a leader and sideman on more than 30 recordings. Eric studied at the St. Louis Conservatory of Music and has been active in the New York and international jazz scene for decades. His broad range of experience with Dave Holland, McCoy Tyner, Chico Hamilton, Ronald Shannon Jackson, the World Saxophone Quartet, and John Hicks, have all contributed greatly to his mature alto and soprano sound and his skills as an arranger and composer.

After many years of making a name for himself, bassist Dave Holland asked Eric to join his band in the fall of 1993, this was by far Person's most challenging musical experience. Dave's use of odd meters, free time, and modality was just the opportunity Eric was looking for. They released Dream of The Elders, which highlighted a sound that was light, energetic and ethereal. Person's association with Dave Holland opened the doors to an even more fruitful period that continued throughout Eric's work with the World Saxophone Quartet (WSQ). For the next four years, Eric was performing with Dave Holland, WSQ, Chico Hamilton and also debuted his first CDs for Soul Note Records: Arrival, Prophecy and More Tales To Tell.

Eric released his debut album Arrival in 1993. Arrival emphasized a variety of styles and Eric’s willingness to take chances. It was an auspicious beginning which paved the way for his 1994 release, Prophecy. Prophecy was more conceptual, focusing on solo, duo and trio settings, while mixing Eric’s songs with those of John Coltrane. Down Beat Magazine gave these recordings 3 1/2 and 4 stars respectively.

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