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Erik Borelius No. 13

Erik Borelius No. 13 by Erik Borelius

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Erik Borelius

Label: EB Music
Released: 2016
Views: 776

Track Listing

1. Across The Deepest Waters, 2. Silver Echo, 3. Groovy Blue, 4. En Lyckligt Lottad Man, 5. Flybird, 6. Cool Cat, 7. Slo Mo Days, 8. KoBaCa, 9. Thirty Pearls


Erik Borelius
Erik Borelius

voice / vocals

Additional Personnel / Information

Erik Borelius - Guitars, Bass and Vocals, Pär Hedtjärn - Drums, Mats Persson - Drums, Fredrik Bergström - Drums

Album Description

Pressrelease ERIK BORELIUS NO.13 (EB MUSIC 2016). During this past year Erik Borelius has released one single a month. For Erik it’s a new and exciting way to present the music. For each song, the designer Johan Adelstål created a graphic illustration based on his personal interpretation of the music. Now it’s time for the release of the whole album. Erik also celebrates 30 years as a recording artist with Erik Borelius № 13. “This time the songs have emerged one after another. The focus has been on the single tune more than the album as a whole. The styles are different, but I think the acoustic and electric guitar playing unifies the music,” says Erik. The album is composed and produced by Erik Borelius and except for Erik on guitars and bass three skillful percussionists/drummers has participated; Pär Hedtjärn, Mats Persson and Fredrik Bergström. Mastering by Uffe Börjesson, Earhear. Erik Borelius № 13 is packed with guitars. Seven out of nine melodies are instrumental and offers various styles; from the happy, deft and floating Flybird to thriller-music inspired KoBaCa and the flamenco-scented Silver Echo. On En Lyckligt Lottad Man (Swedish for A Most Fortunate Man), with a touch of English folk music, Erik sings in Swedish for the first time.


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