Erik Borelius

Instrument: Guitar | Location: Stockholm

Borelius astonishing compositions… Together they create the beauty and the details… the amazing precision in the solo… a sharp electrifying exclamation in which the tones both rattle and sail.
—Johannes Cornell (Dagens Nyheter)

Updated: January 21, 2019

Born: July 6, 1962

Erik Borelius, guitar-player, singer and composer, has worked professionally with music since 1986. During these 33 years he has released thirteen albums, eleven through his own company and two during his time at EMI. In 1994 Erik received a Swedish Grammy for the album “SexTioTvå” – the best instrumental album in 1993 and the first recorded under Erik’s own label EB Music. The following year he was nominated with the album “Duende”. Erik’s music is often described as a peculiar blend of styles and as a guitar player he is praised for using his outstanding technique in a tasteful manner.

In 1984 Erik sent a demo to EMI. After a couple of weeks he got the answer: “We will produce your record!”. His happiness was complete and during the time up to the recording, in the summer of 1985, he participated in Per Gessle’s and Roxette’s productions.

Erik invested in a studio in 1990 and began to make music for radio and television alongside composing. In 1992 he decided to start a record-company and release his own productions. The company was named EB Music. His own record-company gives Erik the ultimate satisfaction of working with the whole process; creating, arranging and producing. He knows what he wants and therefore does most of the work himself. It’s not always an advantage in the creative process but it gives him both challenges and satisfaction. And that is what counts in the long run.

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Erik Borelius and House of Sound, EBM 2014

“… close to a perfect quartet sound. … the melodies are first class, as are the vocals. Verging on an absolute top score for a outstanding musician with his own, unique sound.” (VF 2014)

“Erik Borelius is probably the best guitarist in Sweden. When he, just like on his previous album, sings it becomes magnificent… Erik Borelius makes the kind of music that ought to be heard in the scenes of a five star movie. It is full of quality and harmony. Here you find most of what should be included on a good full length album.” (Allehanda 2014)

“It is technically perfect guitar playing, but always with feeling

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