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”Rainy Days” was a project I have been working on for over a year. After my last album “The Road Less Traveled”, I wanted to push further into jazz, and dig even deeper into my soul. The album weaves in and out of acoustic drum & bass or (jazz & bass), to Traditional jazz songs. I am very happy with the outcome. The albums theme is; a cold and rainy night, an old turntable and the progression of the evening at home, alone or with someone special. That's what was in my mind when It was created. I will let your imagination create the rest. I guarantee this is something you have never heard before.

Thank you,

Erik Jackson

I like this track, “It's time”.. nice uplifting Jazzy vibes, kinda break beats in here as well.

“Now and Then”.. yeah really can feel you there, well... Good track, love that trumpet in there :)

“Rainy Days”.. Very warm track, that SAX, omg... melting away.. then that guitar kicks in smoothly with the soft brushes in the back .. then comes that clarinet.. :)

next track, “Starlight” that flute i like very much, not sure if you heard from St. Germain.. also has often such a flute in there tracks.. You a very musical guy, so many influences..

“Through The Storm” :) ..

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