Erling Kroner


A Condensed Biography

Erling Kroner, born April 16, 1943 in Copenhagen, Denmark, started playing the trombone in 1959 with various Dixieland bands. Went to Germany 1961 with Danish Trad Band Dixieland Stompers and again 1962 playing with Jack Duff's Jazztet and Ken Sims' Vintage Jazzband. The former including the late Danish trumpet ace Per Ringkj√łbing Hansen, piano player the late Alex Shaw and the young bassist Ronnie Matthewson. Participated the European avant garde movement of the early- to mid sixties, performing with a.o. John Tchicai and Rosswell Rudd. 1966-67 toured Denmark with Melvis & his Gentlemen until the Fall of 1967 when he founded his first Erling Kroner Quintet. Appeared with 'Philly' Joe Jones and Phil Woods, and in 1969 won a Down Beat Hall of Fame Scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Same year performed with George Russell Sextet 'Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature', and attended Berklee 1969 - 1970, where he founded the original Erling Kroner Tentet. After returning to Denmark Fall of 1970, released his first LP Erling Kroner Quintet 'MUSIC BOOK', dedicated to the late Booker Ervin. 1971 he joined the Danish Radio Big Band. His tentet aka the Erling Kroner Folk Dance Organization played Monday nights at legendary Montmartre in St. Regnegade. Left the Radio Big Band in 1973 for further studies at Berklee, this time with legendary Herb Pomeroy (73-74). 1976 conducted the NDR Big Band in Hamburg in a program of Charles Mingus compositions arranged by himself with soloists, the late Bobby Jones and German trumpet player Manfred Schoof. 1977 recorded his second album 'THE FORGOTTEN ART', participated in and recorded with the Creme Fraiche Big Band (78). Re-joined the Danish Radio Big Band, now under the leader-ship of Thad Jones, in 1978 (2 LP's). Was awarded the third annual Ben Webster Prize 1979 and formed a new Tentet. From 1979 musical director/trombonist with Leif Johansson's Orchestra (various LP's). Simultaneously working with Swedish drummer/composer/arranger Lars Beijbom's group White Orange, which featured American trumpeter Tim Hagans and Uruguayan sax-player Hector 'Finito' Bingert. From 1980 - 1991 key member of Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band. 1982 recorded third album 'ENTRE DOS CIELOS'. 1983 he left the Danish Radio Big Band for good. Appeared at various festivals around Europe with the Ernie Wilkins ABB the Montreux Festival, Juan-les-Pins etc. Same year Kroner went to Argentina for the first time to study the tango. Presented his music at a concert at the Centro Cultural Gral. San Mart√-n in Buenos Aires, performing his “Tango de oscuridad” for an audience that included the late Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges - to whom said tango was dedicated - with a quintet including bandone√≥n maestro Julio Oscar Pane (later with Astor Piazzolla Sexteto Tango Nuevo). Returned to Denmark in 1984 working as a free-lance conductor/soloist and composer/arranger with various European Radio Big Bands, and in October of that year appeared at the 6th Zagreb Jazz Fair with the 'Festival All Stars' including, a.o. Benny Bailey, Ernie Wilkins, Karl-Heinz Miklin and John Lewis. Early 1985 Kroner was invited to perform his music at the MarDel Jazz Festival in Argentina. Also appeared as a soloist, touring Argentina, and played with bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi's sextet as guest-star soloist at the now defunct Jazz y Pop in Buenos Aires. At the 26th Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Kroner performed his own music with the Big Band RTV-Ljubljana, conducting and soloing, with Woody Shaw on trumpet as featured soloist. At the Copenhagen Jazz Festival he appeared with quintet and tentet, the Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band and sat in with Dino Saluzzi's group. Also initiated the New Music Orchestra, performing 10 new compositions by young Danish composers, commissioned for this 17 piece band. The music was presented and conducted by Kroner at the famous Jazzhus Montmartre in Copenhagen. Later same year Kroner appeared at the Middleheim Jazz Festival with a sextet, co-lead with Belgian drummer David Gistelinck, and including Horace Parlan at the piano. The sextet recorded an LP for Phonic International called Shining Like a Tear, never released. The Erling Kroner Quintet also appeared at the 7th Zagreb Jazz Fair and the Belgrade Jazz Festival. 1984 - 1987 Kroner composed and arranged a lot of Tango-inspired music for the Danish Radio Light Symphony Orchestra, with lyrics by Danish poet Finn Nielsen, featuring singer Lei Aloha Moe and Kroner conducting. Also worked with the Danish Radio Big Band as guest conductor/arranger in own compositions as well as compositions by Charles Mingus and Thelonious Monk. 1986 back in Argentina, playing his new music, sitting in with Dino Saluzzi and fronting a quartet with the blind Argentine piano player Horacio Larumbe. Back in Denmark he worked with the Khan Jamal Quintet with Sunny Murray, and in the Fall of that year, recorded his fourth LP 'FROM THE DARK SIDE'. The Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band recorded for SteepleChase, a.o. Kroner's arrangement of Monk's 'I Mean You' (not credited). 1987 the Erling Kroner Tentet played at the Vossa Jazz Festival in Norway, the Nefertiti in Sweden and toured Denmark, promoting the new, just- released LP. Kroner also appeared as sideman in various agroupations from B√łrge Roger Henrichsen to Niels J√łrgen Steen's A-Team. 1988 Kroner performed in Budapest with baritone player Per Goldschmidt, backed by the local Super Trio, and they appeared as soloists with the eMeRTon Big Band in a Nordring Gala Concert (arrangements by Kroner). Furthermore Kroner performed as a soloist with Karoly Binder, this time in tandem with fellow trombonist Paul Rutherford. The 1988 Copenhagen Jazz Festival found Kroner as a member of the Lee Konitz Nonet with a.o. Butch Lacy on piano and Anders Bergcrantz on trumpet. Apart from Lee's original Nonet-material, they also premiered a Kroner original 'Milas', written especially for the Nonet. Fall of that year Kroner was in the studio with the Per Goldschmidt Quintet recording two CDs, 'CAGE RAGE' and 'ANOTHER NIGHT, ANOTHER DAY', for Olufsen Records. 1989 Kroner took the initiative of bringing the legendary Herb Pomeroy to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival to front a local version of his Herb Pomeroy Orchestra, presenting, apart from Kroner on trombone, American expatriates Bob Rockwell on tenor and Jeff Davis on trumpet and Lars Beijbom on drums. Kroner again fronted the New Music Orchestra, this time in three concerts, one of them for the Queen of Denmark. Performed with Emmanuel Abdul- Rahim in a string of concerts with Ed Epstein on saxes. The 1989 Copenhagen Jazz Festival premiered Kroner's latest initiative, his new Dark Side Orchestra, with Lars Beijbom on drums, in a concert with special guest star Herb Pomeroy. Late same year he conducted the Danish Radio Big Band in a live- broadcast with his old friend Jimmy Knepper as specially invited soloist in a program of originals and Mingus compositions. 1990 Kroner returned to Argentina for the first time in four years, to perform at the 10th edition of the MarDel Jazz Festival in Buenos Aires. This years festival was dedicated to Kroner for 'his never ending enthusiasm for our M√ļsica Contempor√°nea, Tango and Folklore, and his efforts to spread the word about it'. March 1990 he appeared at various concerts around Argentina a.o. with el Umbral in Rosario, and also recorded as guest star with the group Alfombra M√°gica and pianist/producer Litto Nebbia for the latter's Melopea Records. Kroner was promptly invited back for the 11th edition of the festival by president Walter Thiers, and Nebbia invited Kroner to record for his label the following year. Throughout 1990 Kroner toured extensively with Ernie Wilkins and Niels J√łrgen Steen's A-Team, and in late November he brought the Dark Side Orchestra into Beijbom's studio in Lund, Sweden, to record a new CD with special guest-star Gustavo Toker on bandoneon. March 1991, Kroner returned to Buenos Aires to play at the MarDel Jazz Festival and record for Melopea Records with a handful of the foremost Argentine musicians: Gustavo Toker and Julio Pane on bandoneons. Quique Sinesi - guitar, Mat√-as Gonz√°lez - bass and Horacio L√≥pez - drums, Dino Saluzzi's original early-eighties rhythm section, made up the rest of the group. Kroner also wrote a handful of arrangements for the NDR Big Band in Hamburg for a concert of Monk's music with Stan Tracy as a soloist. January 1992 Kroner, along with Gustavo Toker as soloist and Lars Beijbom on drums, recorded a program for the NDR of Tango Nuevo. Compositions by Astor Piazzolla and Kroner, all arranged and conducted by Kroner, who also performed as soloist alongside Toker. Later same year they went on their second visit to Hamburg, performing the Tango Nuevo program in a concert at the NDR, coupled with a concert of original Kroner Jazz-compositions. March 1992 Kroner took the initiative to record a CD with trumpet/flugelhorn player, the late Per Ringkj√łbing. A week later he was on tour with 1992 JAZZPAR Prize-winner Lee Konitz and the JAZZPAR All Star Nonet featuring a.o. Allan Botschinsky, trumpet and Butch Lacy, piano. Lee and the Nonet also recorded a CD. “ERLING KRONER DARK SIDE ORCHESTRA featuring Gustavo Toker on bandone√≥n”, was released in May of 1992 on Olufsen Records, and the DSO appeared at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Kroner also performed with the Per Ringkj√łbing Quintet, Jan Kaspersen's Special Occasion Band and Copenhagen Wonderful all-stars. Fall of that year found Kroner involved in a lot of writing projects. He was commissioned to write a new piece for the Danish Radio Big Band for a concert at the Copenhagen JazzHouse in December. Gustavo Toker appeared as soloist in an Astor Piazzolla tribute, everything arranged and conducted by Kroner, who also soloed. 1993 a new CD by Per Ringkj√łbing with strings and brass, arranged by Kroner and Beijbom, was recorded in March and released in the fall, a few days before the untimely death of Ringkj√łbing. The fall found Kroner busily writing new music for a new big band, co-lead by himself and Lars Beijbom, the Beijbom Kroner Big Band. Simultaneously he was preparing and arranging material by Astor Piazzolla for a CD-recording with American singer Mark Murphy, who also provided new American lyrics, to be recorded in Buenos Aires at a later date, with a.o. ex-Piazzolla-ites Fernando Su√°rez Paz on violin, Julio Oscar Pane on bandoneon and Kroner on trombone. The project never materialized. February 1994 the Beijbom Kroner Big Band was premiered at Slagthuset in Malm√∂, Sweden as a recurring event every Tuesday, later at Teaterrestaurangen in the same city. BKBB also appeared at various festivals in Sweden, a.o. the Jazzfestival in Kristianstad-√Öhus, to great acclaim. Kroner again toured extensively with the A-Team and Jan Kaspersen's Special Occasion Band, and recorded new CD's with both bands. 1995 found Kroner busily playing all over Denmark. In the summer the BKBB appeared at various festivals a.o. Malm√∂ festivalen and Storbandfestivalen in Sandvika, Norway. At the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Kroner performed with Kaspersen's Special Occasion Band, The A-Team and the BKBB, which, alongside Wynton Marsalis' Lincoln Center Band, was singled out as the main, musical events by one writer. In August the BKBB recorded their first CD live at the Copenhagen JazzHouse as a co-production between Swedish record company Four Leaf Records and the Swedish Radio. Fall 1995 Kroner founded a new version of his Erling Kroner Quintet this time with Pernille B√©vort on tenor, Kurt Larsen on accordion, Jesper Bodilsen on bass and his old side-kick Henrik Simonsen on drums. January 1996 the CD Beijbom Kroner Big Band 'Live in Copenhagen' was released. The EKQ appeared at clubs around Denmark, made a radio broadcast and performed at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. BKBB toured Sweden and Denmark in the spring of 1996, reappeared at the Jazzfestival in Kristianstad-√Öhus and Storbandfestivalen in Sandvika, Norway and was on an extensive tour of Sweden and Denmark in October. Kroner also played the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and fall-tours with the A-Team and the Special Occasion Band. February 1997 the BKBB-CD 'Live in Copenhagen' won the Critics' Choice award in jazz-mag Jazz Special as best Danish CD-release 1996. BKBB toured Sweden and Denmark in March, October and November and recorded a new CD to be released in 1998. The EKQ was back on the road again after laying low for a while because of B√©vort's pregnancy, playing various gigs in Denmark and Sweden. Kroner also took part in singer Stig Rossen's 'A Place In The Heart' Tour Band with arrangements by Lars Beijbom and conducted by flute player Flemming Lund in the Fall. In April 1998 the EKQ, augmented with guitar player Quique Sinesi and featuring Dino Saluzzi on bandone√≥n, performed Kroner's original music at the three annual JAZZPAR Prize concerts opposite prize recipient Jim Hall. The event was recorded by the Danish Radio and TV for subsequent broadcasting and a CD release for the Storyville label. The EKQ appeared at the Drop Inn and, augmented by Quique Sinesi, at Copenhagen JazzHouse and the 1998 20th Copenhagen Jazz Festival, which was opened by the Beijbom Kroner Big Band. The second CD by BKBB 'Opposites Attract' was released in September at the Copenhagen JazzHouse in connection with the BKBB 1998 fall tour. The JAZZPAR-CD with EKQ featuring Saluzzi & Sinesi, “ah√- va el negro”, was released December 1998 on the Storyville label. Also in the fall Kroner appeared with a quintet lead by young drummer Dennis Drud, teaming up with 'the father of bebop', the reknowned tenorplayer Bent J√¶dig, in what is known as the Drud / Kroner / J√¶dig Quintet with J√łrgen Emborg (p) and Peter Hansen (b). In October / November Kroner was on tour with the Stig Rossen Band for the second time. Early 1999 various gigs with a.o. Hans Knudsen Jump Band & Festival Horns, Niels J√łrgen Steen's A-Team, Leif Johansson's Quintet w/Nulle Nykj√¶r and Jan Kaspersen, Blue Q and February 19 at Jazzb√ľhne, Schleswig-Holsteiniches Landestheater, Germany with Katrine Suwalski & Ghanaian Inspiration (Okeyrema Pra, Ayi Solomon, Marilyn Mazur, Hugo Rasmussen). March 7, Beijbom Kroner Big Band played at Jazz Special's CD of the Year Festivities at the Copenhagen JazzHouse and went on their annual Spring Tour of Denmark and Sweden March 12 - 21. April 4 Kroner appeared at the annual Ben Webster Prize Fest at S√łpavillonen, Copenhagen, with the Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band, this time under the direction of Jesper Thilo for their first concert since Ernie Wilkins' illness in 1991. New CD 'Trombon√-ssimo' with the EKQ recorded at Jesper Lundgaard's Loft Studio in April for the Music Mecca Label. A second CD 'Un tango para Erling', recorded in Buenos Aires '91, was released on the same label. The EKQ appeared at Sabines Cafeteria July 5 & 6 during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and the A-Team played the Kgs. Have, while Jan Kaspersen's Special Occasion Band closed the festival at the Copenhagen JazzHouse. Various festival concerts with the Stig Rossen Band. On August 24 the EKQ appeared at the 100th birthday celebrations of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges at Den Anden Opera in Copenhagen. Again with Katrine Suwalski & Ghanaian Inspiration on September 16, this time in connection with the Agoro Festival at Copenhagen JazzHouse. A new scene 'Paradise Jazz', presenting acoustic modern jazz, was opened during the CJF and the EKQ appeared there October 11, 12, 13 & 14 with bassist Klavs Hovman subbing for Bodilsen and later same month at Pakhuset with Bodilsen back on bass. Paradise Jazz (Vognporten, Huset, Copenhagen) premiered two new bands in December, the new all star Monday Night Big Band, (Bob Rockwell, Vincent Nilsson, Jan zum Vohrde, Pernille B√©vort) arranged, conducted and mc'ed by Niels J√łrgen Steen, scheduled to run Monday nights from January 2000 on, and the re-emergence after an 8 year hiatus of the Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band, sans the late leader, who died in 1999 after a long illness. The band is run collectively with Per Goldschmidt in charge and Kroner as musical director. November/December Kroner was again on tour with Stig Rossen. The year 2000 started out with the A-Team sporting its new trumpeter M√•rten Lundgren and the Monday Night Big Band at Paradise Jazz, Vognporten. The EKQ appeared at Jazzin' Ribe in April and Kroner renewed his acquaintance with 'phunky physicist' vibist Lee Schipper after app. 25 years, giggin' at the Planetarium with Ole Matthiessen (p), Jens Jefsen (b), Ole Streenberg (d) and Jens S√łndergaard (as). Leif Johansson's Quintet with Kroner, Elith 'Nulle' Nykj√¶r (cl), Jan Kaspersen (p) and Rune Holberg (b) played Pakhuset in the Spring as did Leif Johansson All Stars with Kroner, Teis Jensen (t), Jesper Thilo (s), Ann Farholt (v), S√łren Christiansen (p) and Holberg (b). Within the past year the LJQ has been playing regularly at the Pakhuset in northern Sealand, an hour and a half from Copenhagen. Kroner also appeared in duo at Republic with Kurt Larsen and trio with Ann Farholt and Henrik Bay (g) at Finn Ziegler's. All in all a busy and enjoyable winter/spring. The BKBB, which had been quite invisible for some time due to financial difficulties and only appeared once in the fall of '99 at Sweden's Village in Vester√•s,went to London June 26 to play a concert for Birth of a Region in connection with the presentation/opening of the new √ėresundsbron,the bridge from Denmark to Sweden crossing the √ėresound, and things seemed to generally open up for the band with appearances in the Summer at Stockholm Jazz Festival at Skeppsholmen, Havns√ł Jazzparadis and Malm√∂ Festivalen and with a fall tour in the early part of October. In early July Kroner toured with the Harlem Blues And Jazz Band with a.o. Al Casey (g), David 'Bubba' Brooks (ts) and Johnny Blowers (d). The Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band and Clark Terry played the Black Diamond, Copenhagen, during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, presenting as its main event Erling Kroner's reworking of Ernie Wilkin's three piece Suite for Jazz Band, recorded for later CD release. The EKQ played DGI-byen and Sabines Cafeteria, Kroner also played with the Monday Night Big Band, Jan Kaspersen's Special Occasion Band and in duo with Kurt Larsen, all during the festival. He also appeared around the country at other festivals like √Örhus International Jazz Festival and Havns√ł with the likes of Dan Klarskov and the Honeydrippers, Hans Knudsen Jump Band and Festival Horns, Leif Johansson's Quintet (with 'Nulle' and Kaspersen), Niels J√łrgen Steen's A-Team, Stig Rossen Band and many others. All in all a very busy summer. In mid-September the Monday Night Big Band started up again at the Paradise Jazz in Vognporten, Copenhagen, again with Kroner in the lead- bone chair and as Niels J√łrgen Steen's right hand aide-de-jazz. October 4th the EKQ played the Paradise Jazz and the BKBB went on tour, as did the EKQ in November after which Kroner went to Berlin, appearing at the b flat and Weinklang with Etno Tango Jazz Friends: Kroner - tb, Quique Sinesi - g, Arnulf Balhorn - b, Daniel Messina - d. December - January 2001 Kroner was busy writing a work, commisioned by NOMUS, for classical saxophone quartet Rollin' Phones. 'Saxophon√-ssimo' Tango Suite in Three Movements, scheduled first performance Fall 2001. The Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band made its first appearances in January-February after the legendary performances with Clark Terry the preceding year. The new cd was mixed, but still awaiting release. A USA tour with C.T. & Almost B.B. later same year was postponed due to C.T.'s illness. Late March to early May Kroner was part of the Niels J√łrgen Steen Orchestra at the Royal Theater, performing the Wynton Marsalis / Peter Martins ballet JAZZ 6 1/2 Syncopated Movements. Simultaneously appearing with the A-Team, Stig Rossen (a string of Castle Concerts in the Danish country side) and many others. Late May the EWABB spent a week at London's famed Ronnie Scott's to great acclaim and appeared in a two-set televised Louis Armstrong & Ernie Wilkins Tribute at the Royal Library's concert hall, the Black Diamond on July 11 during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. The Armstrong part presented classic Armstrong music, arranged especially for the occasion by Wilkins' staff arranger Erling Kroner. Charts included West End Blues, Sleepy Time Down South, Tin Roof Blues, Someday You'll Be Sorry and Struttin' With Some Barbecue. Due to scheduled soloist Clark Terry's illness, trumpet great Jon Faddis filled the bill as soloist, while Danish Armstrong specialist Teis Jensen took charge of the vocals on West End Blues and Sleepy Time. Also on July 11 the EKQ played a vigorous concert at Sabines Cafeteria. July 6 the BKBB presented a concert, also at the Royal Library, NEW MUSIC CONCERT, performing four Danish and two Swedish compositions commissioned by Danish Statens Kunstfond and the Swedish government respectively. Composers were Danes Niels J√łrgen Steen, Niels Gerhardt, Lars Togeby, Erling Kroner and the Swedes Lars Beijbom and Magnus Lindgren. Repeat concert at Hedmanska G√•rden in Malm√∂ on July 10. In August Kroner started out as new artistic director and trombonist for the Ensemble NEW. The Ensemble was a government and locally funded organization situated in Fredericia in Vejle Amt in Jylland about two hours from Copenhagen. In late September Kroner was on tour with Jan Kaspersen's Special Occasion Band and recording a new cd with the S.O.B. September 27 to October 1, JazzVisits presented a concert tour with ex-Piazzolla-ite, Argentine pianist Pablo Ziegler with the Erling Kroner Dream Quintet. The Fall also saw Kroner performing with Niels J√łrgen Steen's Monday Night Big Band and A-Team, Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band, Kjeld Lauritsen's Hammond Jazz Trio and many others. November 11 the Danish Radio (P2Jazz) recorded a session with American avantgarde saxist Luther Thomas, Danish drummer Kresten Osgood and bassist Nils Vinding. They were joined by Kroner's trombone for a number of tracks, a.o. Lester Sleeps (sic.) and Body and Soul. In mid-November long-time friend and guitarist/bandoneonist/writer Laureano Fernandez of Buenos Aires came to Copenhagen on a private visit that turned into an improvised duo concert (trombone & bandone√≥n) at the Monday Night Big Band concert at Paradise Jazz November 12. The Ensemble NEW did a host of concerts and workshops with Pernille B√©vort on saxes (replaced by Marc Bernstein and Jan zum Vohrde at a couple of occasions). The EnsNEW was discontinued at the end of the year for local government political reasons, a great artistic loss. On November 10 the BKBB played a concert at the Royal Library, presenting new and rarely heard music from the bands book, alongside parts of the music from the NEW MUSIC concert at the same place earlier in the year. The BKBB was back on December 8 with yet more new/rarely heard music at said venue. Among the new pieces played was a first performance of Beijbom's Don't Lose Sight and a repeat performance of Kroner's new tango Tangando dedicated to Osvaldo Pugliese (first performance with the ToneArt Ensemble at Copenhagen JazzHouse November 27). On December 20 Kroner concluded his stint as artistic director/composer/arranger and trombonist for the Ensemble NEW. The year 2002 was started up in style as in previous years with a capacity- crowd performance with the A-Team at S√łller√łd Jazzclub early January and the Monday Night Big Band, which had been drawing capacity-like crowds for the past half year since the bands TV-appearance in the fall, kept bringin' them in every Monday at Paradise Jazz /Vognporten. The Almost Big Band appeared around town also and all in all everything seemed to be going better than the liberalist change in government had indicated, even though many venues and bands were suffering from cut-backs. The EKQ (one of many bands to lose their subsidies) played a lone concert in Helsing√łr's Toldkammeret in February with Christina von B√ľlow sitting in for B√©vort. In March Paradise Jazz presented the Erling Kroner Theme Week. The EKQ (again with B√©vort) performed on the 13th and the Ensemble NEW on the 14th in two different programs of Kroner's music. The BKBB went to Sweden for a short Spring Tour, playing Borl√§nge, Aneby and Halmstad March 25-27. The BKBB was not suffering as much from cut-backs as other bands, but actually seemed to be moving ahead, with a very interesting fall 2002 with the MUSIC AROUND FESTIVAL in late October. In May the Stig Rossen entourage was out on a tour called VOICES, portraying the music and styles of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder, and May 25 Kroner appeared at Pl√¶nen in Tivoli as a guest conductor/soloist with the Tivoli Big Band (normally under the batons of Peder Kragerup & Niels J√łrgen Steen) performing two tangos, Astor Piazzolla's Michelangelo 70 and his own El despelote with Kurt Larsen (accordion) as an added attraction. The 2002 Copenhagen Jazz Festival found Kroner busy as always, performing left and right with the likes of Niels J√łrgen Steen's A-Team & Monday Night Big Band, Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band, ToneArt Ensemble, Kaspersen's S.O.B. and the EKQ, the latter as always at the Sabines Cafeteria. Late July Kroner went to Sweden for a couple of days to rehearse his suite Saxophon√-ssimo with the Rollin' Phones. The ladies of Rollin' Phones intended to record it on CD before the end of the year. The EKQ visited Sabines again on September 21, and 28 Kroner appeared with Dan Klarskov and the Honey Drippers at Mojo. October 3-5 the Beijbom Kroner Big Band played Denmark, appearing at Halk√¶r Kro and Musikhuset Esbjerg as well as playing for dancing(!) at a special event for the upcoming Music Around festivities. October 12 The Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band with Putte Wickmann as guest played two concerts, Pakhuset in Nyk Sj√¶lland and Trommen in H√łrsholm. With freshly written music the BKBB played a string of concerts at the Music Around Festival in the √ėresound-region of Denmark & Sweden late October/early November with special guests bandone√≥n-great Marcelo Nisinman and singer Diana Nu√Īez in LATIN EXPRESS presenting music from Latin America with special emphasis on Argentina and Brazil. They also played the grand opening of the Metro in Copenhagen (19) (without Nisinman) and played to capacity crowds with Nisinman & Nu√Īez at Kristianstads Konserthus (23), Lyngby Kulturhus (24), Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg (25),Gjethuset, Frederiksv√¶rk (31), Jeriko, Malm√∂ (Nov. 1)(recorded by Swedish Radio) and Copenhagen JazzHouse (Nov. 2). November 7 Kroner left the Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band for good after a half year long dispute with self-appointed leader Per Goldschmidt. Jan Kaspersen's S.O.B did a rare tour of Denmark in November appearing at Voxhall, √Örhus (21), Tobakken, Esbjerg (27), Studenterhuset, √Ölborg (28), Copenhagen JazzHouse (29) and Jazzhus Dexter, Odense (30).December 1 Erling Kroner and Kurt Larsen did a duo job at Byggeriets Hus on Frederiksberg and 4 & 5 the EKQ did a double-date of Tango & Jazz at Paradise Jazz/Vognporten. The Monday Night Yule Tide Big Band brought the season to a roaring halt on December 16 with guest-star soloist Bob Rockwell and singers Bobo Moreno and Nicolaj Steen, while the A-Team managed to squeeze in a last gig before X-Mass at Sofiek√¶lderen December 21. The year 2003 started out with the regular 'first gig of the year' at S√łller√łd Jazzclub with the A-Team on January 10. This was the fifteenth time in a row, quite remarkable, add to that the preceding years (1981-87) with Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band and you are looking at a 'steady' gig for over 20 years, not bad, not bad. Material from the Beijbom Kroner Big Band Latin Express concert at Jeriko, Sweden was mixed late January for radio broadcasting and possible cd-release. February 1 the Leif Johansson Quintet with Nulle & Jan Kaspersen played Pakhuset, Nyk.Sj√¶lland again, and the A- Team played Hj√łrring (28). Missed a cd-recording with the Monday Night Big Band live at Copenhagen JazzHouse March 16 due to the flu. Next night back on stage with MNBB. The EKQ with old side-kick Klavs Hovman subbing for Bodilsen, played Toldkammeret in Elsinore March 20. April 3 Kroner and fellow trombonist Ole 'Fessor' Lindgren appeared (Lars Blach-g and Marc Davis-b) at Caf√© Chips in Copenhagen (arranged by Unicorn). In May Lee Schipper was back in Denmark for one of his short visits and brought his usual bunch of old friends, including Kroner, to the Hilton Hotel. May 14 & 15 the BKBB did a two-nighter 'Jazz Explosion' and 'Latin Express' (the latter w/Diana Nu√Īez as soloist) at Paradise Jazz/Vognporten. Also in May rehearsals started with Lars Togeby's rejuvenated Creme Fraiche Big Band. June 4 Stig Rossen Band accompanied Stig Rossen and guest Emma Kershaw in a Musical Highlights concert in Skive. June 7 Kroner guested with the Tivoli Big Band under the baton of Niels J√łrgen Steen and June 18 & 19 the ToneArt Ensemble recorded a cd of original music by a.o. Kroner (Tangando). The Ben Webster Prize Festivities took place at S√łpavillonen on July 3, and Kroner appeared with Niels J√łrgen Steen's A-Team as well as singer C√¶cilie Norby and the Ben Webster Prize-Winners All Stars (Kroner, Marilyn Mazur, Mads Vinding, Christina Nielsen, Carsten Dahl and Henrik Bolberg). Next day the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2003 was under way, and found Kroner extremely busy. The EKQ played the Sabines Cafeteria and Paradise Jazz Caf√© at Vognporten, the ToneArt Ensemble played Kanten in Huset, the Niels J√łrgen Steen Monday Night Big Band played out-doors at Caf√© Den Bl√• Hund and the regular Monday Night Big Band midnite-marathon at Paradise. Rehearsals were squeezed in with Lars Togeby's Creme Fraiche Big Band with special guest Tim Hagans. The A-Team played to 8.000 people in Kgs. Have and Niels J√łrgen Steen took an All Star group with Kroner, M√•rten Lundgren, Swedish tenor-great Bernt Rosengren, Hugo Rasmussen and Roger Berg to Kristianstad, Sweden for We Remember Gullis. The festival was ended as always with Jan Kaspersen's Special Occasion Band late, late at the Copenhagen JazzHouse. While all this was going on, Kroner was also busy working on a new suite, commisioned by ToneArt and Statens Kunstfond, for the ToneArt Ensemble. The ToneArt Suite, in three parts, was concluded late July. The first part, Smokin' Henry, is dedicated to the re-appearance of bass- great Henry Grimes, the second part, Open Letter to Jimmy Knepper, is dedicated to Kroner's long-time friend and major inspiration who died on June 14 and the third part, Pachanga Onetti is dedicated to Uruguayan writer Juan Carlos Onetti. The piece, along with other original Kroner-music, was presented at the ToneArt Biennale at the Copenhagen JazzHouse in September. July 24 the A-Team played the Havns√ł Jazzparadis festival and July 26 Kroner brought a Special Dream Quintet to the small festival at the minute island of Hven (Kurt Larsen-acc, Ed Epstein-saxes, G√∂ran Schelin-b and Lars Beijbom-d). In August Kroner took the initiative to form a new group, dedicated to the classic sound of the baritone-trombone frontline, with baritone player Ed Epstein, called Epstein-Kroner Bari-Bone Connection with Kasper Villaume-p, Klavs Hovman-b, and Dennis Drud-d. The group performs music by Jimmy Knepper, Pepper Adams, Monk, Mingus as well as original compositions by the co-leaders a/o Kroner's homage Open Letter to Jimmy Knepper. The group was premiered at the Paradise Jazz Caf√© in Cope on October 29 and appeared at Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden on November 29 (with chief-Organizer Kjeld Lauritsen-p and G√∂ran Schelin-b subbing for Villaume and Hovman). September 24 & 25 Kroner appeared at the Copenhagen Blues Festival at Paradise Jazz Caf√© with Peter Thorup & Jazz Friends (Bob Rockwell, Niels J√łrgen Steen, Ole Moesgaard, Alex Riel, Ben Besiakow and Christina von B√ľlow). September 25 Kroner's ToneArt Suite was premiered, alongside Jakob Davidsen's music, by the ToneArt Ensemble at the ToneArt Biennale, Copenhagen JazzHouse. Kroner was commisioned to write a big band arrangement of Jacob Gade's Tango Jalousie for a week-long Tango Seminar at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (October 6-10) where he conducted the alumni Conservatory Tango Big Band in a string of own arrangements of Piazzolla tangos, original tangos as well as the aforementioned Tango Jalousie with bandone√≥n-great Marcelo Nisinman as special guest-soloist. Fernando Su√°rez Paz (with Nisinman) and his Piazzolla quintet, the duo of An√-bal Arias-g and Osvaldo 'el Marinero' Montes-bdo, the Tango Orkestret and a lot of other Argentine musicians participated as teachers/concert givers. Late November a new CD with Swedish saxophone quartet Rollin' Phones was released. Music by various composers, a/o Kroner's Tango Suite in Three Movements Saxophon√-ssimo and his arrangement of Piazzolla's Milonga del Angel. In November/December the Beijbom Kroner Big Band with Diana Nu√Īez did a string of concerts in Sweden and Denmark under the heading of Tango Jalousie Tour, presenting Kroner's reworking of the Gade tune for Flemming Lund's flute, Open Letter to Jimmy Knepper, a new song for Nu√Īez by Beijbom, Beyond the Curtain, and a broad spectrum of music 'from funk to tango and all that jazz'. (Karlshammn 8, Skurup 18, STARS, Vordingborg 21, Pakhuset, Nyk. Sj√¶lland 22, Copenhagen JazzHouse 24 and JERIKO, Malm√∂ December 17.) Stig Rossen Band with choir and guest-soloists played their annual X-Mas concerts at Falkonersalen, Cope and Herning Kongrescenter on December 6 & 7, the A-Team at Templet in Lyngby (11), Monday Nigt Big Band YuleTide Festivities with singers Bobo Moreno and Nikolaj Steen at Paradise Jazz Caf√© (15), Lars Togeby's Creme Fraiche Big Band at same venue (18) and Leif Johansson's Quintet (w/Kaspersen & Nulle) concludes the 2003 activities with concerts at Pakhuset (20) and JazzCup (27). 2004 was kicked off by the annual 'first gig of the year' at S√łller√łd Jazzclub with the A-Team on January 9. The Special Dream Quintet (Kurt Larsen-acc, Ed Epstein-saxes, G√∂ran Schelin-b and Lars Beijbom-d) played Marta's Caf√© in Lund on January 17 and the EKQ played Templet in Lyngby on the 29th. February 17, Kroner was in the studio as a guest soloist alongside Swedish alto player Fredrik Kronquist, recording material for a new CD with Kjeld Lauritsen Hammond Organ trio to be released summer 2004. In April the new Beijbom Kroner Big Band CD, Tango for Bad People, was released on the new label Sweet Silence Records. About the same time a letter from the Ministry of Culture (Kunststyrelsen) proclaiming a 50% cut in subsidies (which in the first place were far from sufficient as it were) forcing the BKBB to stop any and all activities until further notice. On top of all that 2004 seemed to come to the same grinding halt as the preceding year all over the jazz scene because of the political recession. On March 14 & 21 at the old Slukefter (now The Scarlet Pimpernel) in Tivoli, a new initiative at forming a commercial dance big band, the Mandix Dance Band, featuring a string of top-notch players including Kroner and Tomas Franck, stranded with great losses to the arrangers. The A- Team played a private gig at the Hotel d'Angleterre on March 26 and the MNBB played a big band battle at Malm√∂'s Casino Cosmopol alongside the Malm√∂ MNBB and the Janne Ersson Big Band. April 8th the Creme Fraiche Big Band played Paradise Jazz Caf√© and on the 23rd the EKQ w/Hovman subbing for Bodilsen, played three concerts at the Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole, a great experience playing for the scool kids age 9-19. May thru June Kroner is subbing on and off with the Tivoli Big Band for Vincent Nilsson. May 5 & 6 Kroner did a 'double-date' at Paradise Jazz Caf√© with the Epstein-Kroner Bari-Bone Connection and the EKQ. May 25th the awarding of the Django d'Or Prize as 'Bandleader of Excellence' to Kroner was made public. June 7 & 8 Kroner produced a new cd, with original music by Niels Gerhardt, by The Orchestra. At the CopeJazzFest 2004 the BKBB feat. Marcelo Nisinman & Diana Nu√Īez opened with a fantastic concert at the Museum of Modern Art on July 2. Next day the Danish Bandleaders' Association's Modern Session w/Lars M√łller, Fredrik Lundin, Jesper Riis, Kroner, Nikolaj Bentzon, Jesper Lundgaard and Jonas Johansen played an all-original-music concert at Nytorv. July 4 the MNBB played Den Bl√• Hund and the A-Team Kgs. Have and on Monday the MNBB did their yearly Midnite bash at Paradise Jazz Caf√©. Tuesday 5th the EKQ played Sabines Cafeteria in the afternoon and Paradise Jazz Caf√© at night, with Hovman on bass and special guest Marcelo Nisinman on bandone√≥n. Kroner also appeared twice at Mindeankeret in Nyhavn with the Allan Bo Band (7&10), Tivoli Big Band and jammed with Kjeld Lauritsen Organ Trio at La Fontaine (8) and last day of the festival (Sunday 11) a brief two- hour rehearsal with Jan Kaspersen Special Occasion Band, four sets with the Tivoli Big Band and the yearly looong two-setter with the SOB at Copenhagen JazzHouse which always concludes the festival. Phew! A great festival this year. On July 13 & 14 the annual Django d'Or Prize awards were handed to John Tchicai, Jesper Bodilsen and Erling Kroner ('Bandleader of Excellence') at Hvidovre Medborgerhus and the French Embassy. The award-winner trio performed thrice with some very free music. 16 & 17 Kroner was a guest soloist alongside singer Lisa Linn and trumpeter Henrik Bolberg with Mogens Johansen's Festival Orchestra at the folksy, trad-oriented Maribo Festival. Simultaneously Kroner was working on a big band arrangement of a new tango (It's a Difficult Dance) by singer/songwriter Helle Hansen while Lars Beijbom suddenly proclaimed his resignation from the BKBB as of the end of the year. 10 years of constant struggle to keep the band alive finally broke his spirits. A great loss. However it was soon decided to put together a new band under Kroner's sole leadership, Erling Kroner New Music Orchestra, based on his vast book of tango, jazz and latin musics. Crashing on his racing bike July 29, Kroner still pulled off a single gig with Stig Rossen Band on July 31, but then had to take a two week break away from the horn, which cost him a string of gigs. Luckily he was back in time for the cd-release-party-cum-gig at the Copenhagen JazzHouse with Kjeld Lauritsen's Hammond Organ Jazz (Per Gade-g, Esben Bak-d, Fredrik Kronkvist-as) on August 19 and 20. On Aug 21 Kroner played the yearly gig with Odensebanden, this time with singer Ann Farholt as a guest-soloist. 29 the BKBB played the first of the few lasting gigs at Jive-Jazz in Vejle, a ferocious performance. September 10, Kroner and trumpeter Henrik Bolberg, subbing for the late Bent J√§dig, gigged with Asger Johansen and his TALL Stars at Riverside Jazzclub in NykFalster. Monday 20 the MNBB opened the fall-season at Paradise Jazz Caf√©. On September 24 Kroner went to Berlin to rehearse with Quique Sinesi for 2 duo concerts of ETNO-TANGO-JAZZ. On 25 tango singer Ana Fonell invited Kroner as guest-soloist at the Passionskirche w/Quique Sinesi. 26 La Guitarra y el Vino / Weinklang, Quique Sinesi guitarras / Erling Kroner tromb√≥n en duo y invitados Nora Buschmann-g, Florencia Bernales- voz. 27 DIAGIONAL SUR at B.Flatt, Rosenthaler Str.13 (Berlin Mitte) Quique Sinesi guitarras, Erling Kroner tromb√≥n, Martin Ianacconne cello/perc y Florencia Bernales-voz y percusi√≥n with guest Nora Buschmann. At the Copenhagen Blues Festival Kroner (as always) played with blues guitarist/singer Peter Thorup w/Bob Rockwell (29th) and Christina von B√ľlow (30th) on sax. On October 6 the Erling Kroner New Music Orchestra (EKNMO) had it's first public performance, an open rehearsal at Amaranto. In the terrible acoustics, and the band extremely unrehearsed, it still proved promises of great things to come. Gigs with the A-Team, Kjeld Lauritsen Hammond Organ Jazz, La Fontaine Nov.6 and Vognporten (16)(cd release party), Jan Kaspersen's Abdullah Jam w/Christina von B√ľlow (celebrating the music of Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim), a jam-gig with Erling Kroner Quartet (Morten H√łjring-g, Graig Earle-b & Dennis Drud-d) at Paradise Jazz Caf√©. BKBB played three more good-bye gigs (w/Diana Nu√Īez), Paradise Jazz Caf√© (24), Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden (27) and Toldkammeret, Elsinore Dec. 16 to capacity crowds and rave reviews. EKNMO rehearsed at Amaranto again Nov. 10 and Dec. 8. On Dec. 1 the ToneArt Ensemble played their last gig before regrouping for the new ToneArt Ensemble 2005, focussing on the music of Jakob Davidsen and Erling Kroner. Kroner missed a MNBB at Paradise because of a rehearsal with Ballerup Big Band, an amateur band, for a gig at Baghuset on Dec. 9. 10/11/12 singer Stig Rossen brought out his band for 5 X-Mas concerts, √Örhus, Copenhagen and Odense. On 13th MNBB jam-packed the Paradise Jazz Caf√© with their annual YuleTide bash, featuring various guest soloists, violinist Finn Ziegler and singers Bobo Moreno and Asger 'the voice' Rosenberg. Last gig before the holidays was a quartet gig at Pakhuset in Nyk.Sj., with Jan Kaspersen, Rune Holberg, Leif Johansson on Dec. 18. 2005 opened on January 7 with the annual A-Team concert at S√łller√łd Jazzklub AND the announcement that the EKNMO had gotten a grant from the Ministry for Cultural Affairs. Way to go for a fresh start of 2005. Jan. 14 Kroner H√łjring Hovman played the JazzHouse and February a string of rehearsals with the EKNMO for the world premiere at Copenhagen JazzHouse March 9. Unfortunately the band lost its booker and the Sweet Silence Record Company (Tango for Bad People), for which they were supposed to record also in March, folded. Gigs in general have been few and far between at this time of the year (for everybody) with no thanks to the government, so a payed MNBB gig at a big band bash in Malm√∂, Sweden on April 2 came in very handy. MNBB still plays every Monday at the Paradise Jazz Caf√© (no bread, but avery good music and a great audience) where the Erling Kroner Trio w/Kjeld Ipsen 'in Free Fall' appeared on April 14, while Kjeld Lauritsen Hammond Organ Jazz quintet played Vognporten on the 8th. A benefit concert, Africa Calls, with the Stig Rossen Band in Vejle on the 17th and a Dixieland-gig with old pals, Finney's Jazzmen, on the 21st precluded a wonderfull week that made one feel like a real-live jazzmusician again, Jan Kaspersen Septet Abdullah Jam Tour (celebrating the music of Dollar Brand) playing Bent J. in √Örhus, Huset, √Ölborg, Kulturfabrikken, Nyk.F, Portalen, Greve and Copenhagen JazzHouse (25-30) with Christina von B√ľlow, Jacob Dinesen, Nils Davidsen and Ole R√łmer. The following week, Sunday May 8, at Sct. J√łrgensbjerg Kirke, Roskilde “En nutidig Pinsemesse” by and with John Tchicai was premiered with Thomas Agergaard-sx, Hugh Steinmetz-tp, Erling Kroner-tb, Peter Ole J√ľrgens-d/perc, Julie Iversen Tchicai-vcl, Merete K√ľhlmann-org, the Reverend Johannes Hatorp-lithurgy and Church Choir. John and Merete K√ľhlmann are trying to set up a string of church concerts in 2006. Hope it works out. MNBB concluded the winter/spring season on May 30. The ToneArt Ensemble 2005 (Pernille B√©vort, Niels Gerhardt a/o) had been rehearsing dilligently the whole spring for premiering 10 new compositions by members of this composers association at the Copenhagen JazzHouse on June 17, a/o Kroner's new piece Missinguelle. An abundance of rehearsals with various bands lead up to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival (July 1 - 10). Kroner was here, there and everywhere, Friday July 1 with Danish Conductors Association's Modern Session at Nytorv and Niels Gerhardt's NG All Star Project at Salon K, the A-Team as always to a capacity crowd in the King's Garden, the Monday Nigt Big Band twice, outdoors in the blistering sun at Caf√© Den Bl√• Hund (Saturday) and after midnite in their usual habitat Monday night at Paradise Jazz Caf√©. The EKNMO played the King's Garden with Kurt Larsen as soloist on Tuesday, two concerts, one radio broadcast, from Salon K with the ToneArt Ensemble, a couple of quartet gigs, Pal√¶ Bar with a drum-less Dream Quartet (B√©vort, Larsen, Bodilsen) and a few hours later (Friday) Salon K EKQuartet with Morten H√łjring, Graig Earle and Dennis Drud. Fellow trombonist Kjeld Ipsen arranged a gig at Sofiek√¶lderen, BLOW! with H√łjring-g, Bo Stief-b and Ole Streenberg-d. And as always the Jan Kaspersen Special Occasion Band closed the festival at the Copenhagen JazzHouse, way late after midnite, putting this year's festival to rest, finally. A great festival but alas, not a chance to dig other concerts and only one jam session (at Paradise) where Kroner jammed with a/o Soweto Kinch. The Modern Session also made a brief appearance at the √Örhus International Jazz Festival on July 16. July 19 a single sub-gig with the Tivoli Big Band was squeezed in and on the 23rd Leif Johansson Quintet played the Pakhuset. August it was off to Rioja, Spain, with the racing bike team Sabines with fellow jazzers Bob Rockwell, Ole R√łmer and Jakob Davidsen. August 17 the LJQ, this time with Jan zum Vohrde subbing for 'Nulle', played a fantastic concert at Forfatternes Hus. Great house, great audience. 20th the annual Dixieland-bash with Odensebanden at Carlslund, Fruens B√łge and on the 21st the EKNMO w/Kurt Larsen played an outstanding out-door gig in the wonderful Cottageparken in Taarb√¶k. September it was off to Corse for yet another racing-bike vacation, Tour de Corse but made it back in time for a solo-gig with Holb√¶k Big Band on the 18th and same evening fronted a quintet (with Christina von B√ľlow-as, Kjeld Lauritsen-organ, Graig Earle-b and Dennis Drud-d) for a PR stunt at HUSET in Magstraede. On the 21st the EKNMO with Kurt Larsen did an open rehearsal-cum-demo recording at the lovely Byggeriets Hus on Frederiksberg. October 3 was the long awaited premiere of the new jazz venue at Huset upstairs, taking over from Vognporten. MNBB played with Bobo Moreno and Jesper Thilo as added attractions. The joint was jam-packed, everything was still (and will be for a while) in a shambles. The joint needs a coat of paint, the actual position of the stage has to be tried out for optimum sound, comfort and visibility in the (as Vognporten) difficult room with some wide columns getting in the way. Jazzscenen 1. sal, as is the official name of the upstairs room at this point, is run musically by the two organizations Paradise Jazz (Mo - Thur) and Swingin' Copenhagen (Fri-Sat). Kjeld Lauritsen's quintet Hammond Organ Jazz played three gigs, on the 20th at Toldkammeret, Elsinore, 21st Swingin' Copenhagen and 22nd Bl√•g√•rds Apotek, this time around with Bob Rockwell on alto as Kroner's side-kick. The EKNMO with Kurt Larsen as special guest in the 2nd set, played Paradise Jazz on the 27th. The ToneArt Ensemble started rehearsals for the ToneArt Biennale on November 4 at Copenhagen JazzHouse and Kroner guest- conducted a string of concerts with the Great Danes Big Band and singer Claude Chichon. 22 Kroner was in charge of the SuperJam at Paradise, 23 he guested with S√łren Svagin trio at Willumsen and Kjeld Ipsen's BLOW! w/Erling Kroner played Paradise on 24th with Ole 'Fessor' Lindgren sitting in. EKNMO with Kurt Larsen played Portalen on the 26th. December 3 EKNMO played Pakhuset, Nyk.Sj. at noon and Copenhagen JazzHouse in the evening, both places jam-packed, concluding their first year in existence at MAGASINET, Odense on the 11th (w/o Larsen). Leif Johansson snug in an all star group at a private 80 years birthday-party at Pakhuset with Theis Jensen (tp), Jesper Thilo (cl/sop), Kroner and pianist S√łren Kristiansen on the 9th. The sad news of the death of jazz violinist/vibist Finn Ziegler was received by von B√ľlow on her mobile while on the bus back from Odense. At Finn's funeral, December 15 at Br√łnsh√łj Kirke, Jesper Thilo blew the most touching version of Come Sunday for our late friend, while the three-some of von B√ľlow, Henrik Bolberg and Kroner lead the procession to the burial site playing Ziegler's favorite hymn “Flee as a bird to your mountain” as the coffin was lowered into the ground. Last gig of the year was the MNBB YuleTide event with Bobo Moreno and Nulle at Paradise on the 16th for a jam-packed house. 2006, untraditionally, didn't start out with the annual A-Team opener at S√łller√łd January 6th but was preceded by a quartet gig at Willumsen, again with S√łren Svagin, on the 4th. MNBB started out the season at Paradise Jazz, Jazzscenen, Huset on the 16th and a frenetic period of rehearsals started out with three different recording-sessions coming up in February: 5-6 MNBB live-recording at Paradise Jazz, HUSET. 14,15,16 EKNMO with Kurt Larsen as special guest recorded at Berno Studio in Malm√∂, Sweden and 18 Dan Klarskov and the Honeydrippers with a/o Kroner, Kjeld Lauritsen, Hugo Rasmussen and Anders Gaardmand recorded live at Jazzhus Dexter, Odense. February 25 the Leif Johansson Quintet with Kroner, Nulle and Kaspersen played Pakhuset, NykSj. On 27 Ole Fessor Lindgren, Nulle Nykj√¶r and Ed Thigpen guested with the MNBB which comprised Anders Bergcrantz on trumpet and Bob Rockwell on lead-alto that night. March 4 LJQ played Arne B, Svendborg. Monday 13 Kroner dropped the MNBB to perform as a soloist with up-and-coming singer/songwriter Karina Kappel at Copenhagen JazzHouse, presenting her new cd to a capacity crowd. Tuesday 28 Jam with Peter Marott Generation Group at Paradise and 31 the A-Team played N√¶stved Jazzklub. April the new EKNMO cd was mixed (finally) and Thursday 20 Kroner H√łjring Hovman played Paradise. May the EKNMO cd was mastered at Pelle's Room and Kroner subbed with Big Apple Big Band as lead and soloist. Also in May Kroner started teaching Herb Pomeroy's LineWriting course again privately after a 10 year hiatus. On 22 Niels J√łrgen Steen and the MNBB did a Musical Talk Show for DK4 at Amager Bio which is televised regularly on the small, local station. Rounding up the May activities John Tchicay presented his “En nutidig Pinsemesse” at Matth√¶uskirken (in Cope) and Sct. J√łrgensbjerg Kirke (Roskilde), again with Kroner, Agergaard, Steinmetz et al. June the Tivoli Big Band called upon Kroner's services a coupla times (3/4/25) and on June 13 the horn section (Kroner, K.E.N√łrgaard, Thomas Kj√¶rgaard and Pelle Fridel) of the Stig Rossen Band recorded material for a new Christmas CD at Focus Studios. Rehearsals for the CopeFest crept in with the EKNMO, Hess/Andersen Octet and the Erling Kroner Folk Dance Organization - the TENTET. On the 23rd Kroner played two enjoyable gigs with Riverband at the Riverboat Festival in Silkeborg and Jazzhors in Horsens. July saw the Copenhagen Jazz Festival (7-16) and a string of great gigs; (8) Open Mind Session with John Tchicai at Nytorv, (9) A-Team at Kgs.Have in the afternoon and presenting the new EKNMO cd TANGO JALOUSIE and all that Jazz at a concert at Paradise Jazz, HUSET at night. (10) at midnite of course, the Monday Night Big Band live from Paradise with Bobo Moreno guesting. (13) the resurgence of the legendary Erling Kroner Tentet, the Folk Dance Organization, after a 17 years hiatus with a hand-picked bunch of great, younger jazzmusicians at Salon K, HUSET in the Rhinos At Large concert series arranged by ToneArt. (15) Kroner played with the Hess/Andersen Octet in the same series. August Kroner went to Spain with racing bike team Sabines as usual, however quite unusually, he crashed on a downhill from Valdezcaray, slamming head-first into the asphalt. Miraculously he didn't break his neck nor got any serious injuries, 'just' ground his mouth into the asphalt, nothing broken, nada - except for swollen lips and some asphalt- rash. However this presented quite an obstacle for playing the trombone for a while, and coming home for a string as concerts didn't look to good, playing- wise. For a coupla gigs (PM Big Band at Svendborg on (12) and EKNMO at AmfiScenen, Odense (17)) he was left with the option to conduct and tell jokes. However, still far from top shape, he managed to play a three-setter on his annual gig with Odensebanden at Carlslund, Fruens B√łge (19). September 2 Kroner subbed with the Tivoli Big Band, playing lead and solos, and all went well, chops coming back slowly. Jan Kaspersen SOB played Copenhagen JazzHouse (8) and Kroner went off to Umbria for another racing bike excursion - this time without mishaps, coming back just in time for a week of rehearsals and concerts with Fredrik Lundin's Jubil√¶umsband (celebrating Fredrik's 25 years as a pro jazzer) playing two nights of concerts at the JazzHouse 28 & 29). October was the start of a very busy period that lasted the rest of the season, MNBB Mondays, teaching Herb Pomeroy's LineWriting privately, writing music for and performing with the EKNMO La Mariposa Tango Project (MAGASINET Odense 12, Copenhagen JazzHouse 13 and Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden 14) with special guests tango singer Laura Hansen and bandone√≥n player Carlos Morera. Kroner composed a new tango with lyrics by Finn Nielsen, Strada Anfosa, which was presented at the concerts alongside other Kroner-Nielsen Ň”vres like En la madrugada, Heartbreak Milonga and a string of Piazzola tangos arranged by bass trombonist Niels Gerhardt and instrumental tangos, originals, Tango T√-pico & Tango Nuevo arranged by Kroner. At Bent J√¶dig's birthday (18) the EKNMO performed again at JazzHouse and Kjeld Lauritsen's the Organizers played La Fontaine (22) with Kroner subbing for guitarist Per Gade alongside Bob Rockwell III. EKNMO appeared at Portalen Greve with Kurt Larsen on accordion as guest for their annual matine√© (28) and Hans Knudsen's Jump Band & Festival Horns (Kroner, Henrik Bolberg-tp and Finn Lynge-bs) played a Sunday matine√© (29) at Drop Inn. November 5 yet another matine√©, this time the MNBB celebrating Leo Mathisen, again at the JazzHouse. Tuesday morning (7) the phone rang just as Kroner was getting ready for a spin on his bike, and he had to hurry to the Danish Radio for a two week stint with his 'old band' the DR Big Band (which he left in 1983) subbing for Steen Hansen in a string of rehearsals and concerts for some two-fers playing to small kids in the afternoon and celebrating Leo Mathisen in the evenings, fronted by piano player/singer Sigurd Barrett who is doing a fantastic job of presenting big band and jazz music to children aged 2-10. Kroner enjoyed playing his original chair, 3rd trombone, making good bread, without breaking out into a sweat and playing a lone solo at every night-concert, bringing out his plunger/dixie and talking to Sigurd (7-19). On the 18th the DRBB was off, so Kroner could just squeeze in a concert at Jazzhus Dexter in Odense with blues singer/guitarist Dan Klarskov, presenting a new cd/dvd recorded in February, Live at Dexter, with Hugo Rasmussen on bass and Hans Knudsen on piano. Next week a recording session for singer/songwriter Susi Hyldgaard with Niels Gerhardt, who also wrote the arrangements (for four trombones) and (25) again La Fontaine, late night gig, with Kjeld Lauritsen Hammond Organ Jazz with Hans Ulrik on tenor. A first in this set-up having Hans Ulrik on sax, and the quartet almost tore the ceiling off the renowned jazz club. 29 (Paradise Jazz, HUSET) & 30 (Toldkammeret, Elsinore) saw two concerts with the rejuvenated Erling Kroner Dream Quintet, still with Pernille B√©vort on saxes and Kurt Larsen on accordion, but now with Graig Earle on bass and Dennis Drud on drums. December finally eased up a little, work wise, with EKNMO appearing at Pakhuset NykSj for a matine√© (16) and the final Yuletide Bash with the Monday Night Big Band at Paradise Jazz (18) with Bobo Moreno singing. 2007 as the preceding 20 years started up with the A-Team playing the S√łller√łd Jazzklub gig on Jan. 5 and the Monday Night Big Band started the season of Monday nights (15), Hans Knudsen Jump Band and Festival Horns appeared at N√¶stved Jazzklub (19). February 3 the MNBB celebrated Leo Mathisen at MAGASINET, Odense in the evening. Roger Berg Big Band was incepted in February, playing Thursdays at Cocque d'Or in Malm√∂, Sweden. Erling Kroner SuperJam at Paradise Jazz, HUSET (20). March 9 the A-Team played Holb√¶k Jazzklub, 10 Leif Johansson Quintet at Pakhuset, Nyk.Sj. A string of rehearsals with the EKNMO rehearsing new music for a concert with singer/songwriter Helle Hansen as a soloist at PORTALEN GREVE (24). April 17 Tivoli Big Band, 19 MNBB Lyngby Taarb√¶k Jazzclub, 26 the EKFDO/TENTET played Paradise Jazz, HUSET and then Erling was off to Italy for some mountain-racing . . . this time breaking the collar-bone in a not very dramatic incident. May 13 Erlingh played lead w/Great Danes Big Band w/Sinne Egg at Gr√¶sted Bibliotek, broken collar-bone et al. Next night Tivoli Big Band (subbing regularly with this band) 19 Dan Klarskov and the Honeydrippers with Hugo Rasmussen on bass at Torslunde Festival, 21 MNBB played the bi-centennial of the National Museum at midnite, next night again Tivoli, 29 Erling conducted the Senior Big Band for an instructional rehearsal, more Tivoli. June rehearsals, rehearsals with various bands for a/o a recording project with Epstein-Kroner Bari/Bone Connection (18-19-20) and Copenhagen Jazz Festival Concerts with Anders T Andersen Sextet, Erling Kroner Dark Side Orchestra/Nonet, EKQ, MNBB, A-Team Susi Hyldgaard, Kjeld Lauritsen Hammond Organ Swing and Niels Gerhardt's new small band with Kroner/Jan Harbeck as the front-line. More Tivoli. In July the Roger Berg Big Band RBBB played its first public concert at Jazz in Smyge, Sweden, August 2nd the EKQ played the Tango del norte Festival in Copenhagen and more Tivoli. September 17 the Paradise Jazz opened for the fall with the MNBB. October 6 RBBB played a sold-out concert at the Palladium in Malm√∂, Sweden with Bobo Moreno as singer and had open rehearsals Thursdays at either Tango Palatset or Cocque d'Or throughout the fall, 26 the Epstein-Kroner Bari-Bone Quintet played Lund, Sweden, 28 Kroner recorded material for a new cd as a soloist with Ole Matthiessen's Trio JazzLive, the very last recording at the Danish Radio who has terminated ANY live jazz or broadcasts forever. A disaster. 30 & 31 Kroner played Paradise Jazz with Peter Marott and Kjeld Ipsen respectively before taking the EKNMO La Mariposa Tango Project on the road for four concerts around Denmark November 2/3/4/5 , climaxing with a final concert at the Copenhagen JazzHouse which was recorded for later release. Two new tangos were premiered, Finn Nielsen and Erling Kroner's Latinate Laments and Niels Gerhardt's Contra el viento. 8 Kjeld Lauritsen Hammond Organ Swing in Middelfart, 24 EKNMO w/singer Helle Hansen at Holb√¶k Jazzklub, 26 the Epstein-Kroner Bari-Bone Quintet appeared live on Kanal Lokal, local TV station in Malm√∂, Sweden, while Anders T Andersen Sextet played the Copenhagen JazzHouse 29, recording sound and live video. Late that month EKNMO received the news of cut-down support for 2008 and for the next two month a battle was fought to get the subsidies back. Luckily it turned out good, not in the least thanks to the massive support worldwide to keep the EKNMO 'in office'. December 5 EKNMO played Paradise Jazz and premiered their new project Hammond Organ and all that Jazz w/Kjeld Lauritsen at Portalen 8 and appeared with Helle Hansen at Musikhuset Aarhus 29. 2008 as the preceding 21 years started out with the A-Team playing the S√łller√łd Jazzklub gig on January 4 and the Monday Night Big Band started the season of Monday nights on the 28th and the RBBB started its Thursday night sessions. February 19/20 the EKNMO Hammond Organ and all that Jazz w/Kjeld Lauritsen went into Hans Nielsn's Focus Studio to record their first cd together. March 1 the EKNMO w/Kurt Larsen played Portalen, now being reinstated by Kunststyrelsen with less, but liveable, economic foundation, the 8th RBBB presented Sylvia Vrethammar at yet another sold-out concert at Palladium in Malm√∂, Sweden, again arranged by the Harry Arnold Society. Epstein-Kroner played Paradise Jazz on 26th and Erling played with Sigurd Barrett and the Cigars in Viborg on 29. April 21 - 24 John Tchicay presented his “En nutidig Pinsemesse” for the third time and 25 the EKNMO played a well-paid party/dance gig of all things for 400 people with Kjeld Lauritsen on the hammond organ. May brought a grinding halt to the MNBB and RBBB weeklies as the Tivoli season started out. EKNMO played STARS, Vordingborg on 8 and 10 RBBB w/Bobo Moreno played again for a full house, this time at Konserthuset, Helsingborg. Tivoli Big Band again kept Erling busy subbing, but he and Kurt Larsen snug in a duo gig at a reception at Arthouse presenting the works of Francis Bacon. June rehearsals for the upcoming Copenhagen Jazzfestival started, a gig with Leif Johansson's Quintet with Nulle and Jan Kaspersen 14 was squeezed in between Tivoli Big Band gigs and rehearsals and two new cds were released, both on the Calibrated label: The live recording from JazzHouse Nov. 5 2007 STRADA ANFOSA w/EKNMO La Mariposa Tango Project presenting Laura Hansen and Bari My Heart with the Epstein-Kroner Bari-Bone Connection

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