Esinam Esinam

Multi-instrumentalist Esinam recalls the spirit of her Ghanaian roots in a ballet of instruments slightly sustained by almost invisible loop machines. Born in Brussels, she finds inspiration in her journeys all over the world and encounters with different cultures.

In her solo set, she uses electronic machines and turns into a « one-woman band».She composes, plays and performs her own contemporary music with flute, percussions, vocals as well as traditional and modern instruments.

Both her sensitivity and her personal way of merging different genres together do create, color and uplift Esinam’s musical universe. She is part of that new generation of musicians bringing forth a cultural blend of music. Her first EP will be out on SDBAN records on September 21st, 2018.

Line up: Esinam Dogbatse (flute, voice, synthesisers, electronics, african instruments)


(...) These rhythms, imperceptibly offbeat, lightly distended, fragile and elastic. She sets them free with a excess of warmth and humanity both beautiful and mesmerizing. (…) Jacques Prouvost (Jazzques) -

(…) She abandons the flute for the tambourine with which she lays down another heightened rhythm, going on to spread other layers over the top with the help of bells, caxixi and ganza. (…) Jacques Prouvost (Jazzques) -

Earlier, Belgium based flutist Esinam Dogbatse rocked the audience with a stimulating flute work that tended to reflect the echo of an open landscape while digging deep into Ghanaian traditional rhythms(…) John Owoo (Arts Ghana) - http:://


Album ESINAM by Esinam


Sdban Records



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