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Estrella Acosta

Cuban vocalist Estrella Acosta, who now lives in Europe, has proven herself on various continents as one of the most versatile singers in Latin music. Though she has never stopped singing the folk songs of her motherland, she is equally at home with Brazilian and jazz styles. With her relaxed phrasing and warm, earthy voice she brings a fresh, innovative approach to her music.

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”Moving Jazzy Evening with Estrella Acosta is Pleasant Surprise... this group was the musical and jazz treat of the evening” (which also featured Seis del Solar and Candy Dulfer) @ Curaçao Jazz Festival. - Amigoe de Curaçao, Willemstad, Dennis Pikero

- “...a happy transatlantic party that takes off and soars!” - Latin Beat Magazine, USA, Luis Tamargo

- “Exciting hours with Estrella Acosta ... her group was captivating and exciting ... she has a straightsounding voice but with all the warmth and emotionality one could wish for..

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