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Ethan Margolis

Cleveland-raised nylon guitarist, Ethan Margolis, lived in Spain for more than a decade. In 2010 he moved from Spain to Los Angeles and formed his world quintet whose primary focus is on the open and improvisational space that jazz and flamenco music share. Dissonant chording and pursuit of unique groove patterns are part of his signature. Highly influenced by his mentors within the Gypsy circuit of Andalucía, Margolis's hybrid compositions reflect the intricate phrasings of his instrumental and vocal melodies. His 2014 release entitled Soleangeles was featured by iTunes in several countries. His newest album Sonikete Blues was released July, 2016

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(All About Jazz) ”Margolis' guitar playing in “La Referencia” is no less than brilliant: Its sound almost glows, bright and sharp yet warm and emotional—a musician using exemplary technique to let his soul shine through.”

(Pittsburgh Magazine) Margolis' dramatic strums and burbling runs of single notes comment on the action.

(LA Times) ”performs masterfully”

(NY Times) ”a triumph”

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Flamenco Guitar Jazz Fusion with Flamenco Guest Lecturer University Level

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