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Driven by the dynamic interplay between Fabrizio Sotti's colorful electric and acoustic guitar and Sam Barsh's bluesy Hammond B-3 organ, the Italian born artist/composer's highly anticipated E1 Music debut Inner Dance beautifully recalls the spirit of the mid-60s albums by his guitar hero Wes Montgomery and organ great Jimmy Smith. As inspired as the recording sounds, it may surprise longtime Sotti fans--and jazz guitar enthusiasts new to his multi-faceted vibe--that he originally conceived his first solo album since 2004's Through My Eyes as a more traditional trio project. In a true sign of these technologically advanced times that Montgomery could never have fathomed, it was a computer hard drive failure- and the complete loss of the album's original sessions-that gave rise to one of the most compelling jazz recordings of the year.

The fascinating story of how the ultimate version of Inner Dance came to be led Sotti for a time to use the working title “Against All Odds.” He began recording the nine track collection in February 2009 with veteran bassist James Genus and renowned drummer/percussionist Mino Cinelu. Sotti had worked with Genus various times over the years and Genus appeared on the guitarist's 1999 recording This World Upside Down, his first major release in the U.S. that also featured John Patitucci, Randy and Michael Brecker, Al Foster and Victor Jones. After recording the basic trio tracks for Inner Dance, and others featuring Swiss harmonica great Gregoire Maret and Chilean vocalist Claudia Acuña, Sotti's hard drive crashed and he lost all the recordings.

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Album Review
Album Review
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“With an abundance of infectious grooves and catchy hooks, Inner Dance proves to be a listener-friendly affair with Sotti staking claim as a guitarist with whom to be reckoned.” ​- John Barron, All About Jazz

“On [Inner Dance], Sotti shows great talent and technique on both amplified and acoustic guitars.” ​- Larry Taylor, All About Jazz

“On Inner Dance, Sotti does not refashion or rethink jazz. Rather, he creates accessible and cordial contemporary jazz material.” ​- Doug Simpson, Audiophile Audition

“Italian jazz-guitar hero Fabrizio Sotti may have been better known for his hip-hop productions rather than his own music, but that should change with the release ofInner Dance

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