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facts + figures

facts + figures

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Peter Fraize

Label: Union Records
Released: 2017
Duration: 01:14:27
Views: 427

Track Listing

The Ides of March; A Step Toward Grace; Euclid House; While He Sleeps; Leo; Freezer Full of Math; Life in the Ozone; I to I; Me, Then You


Peter Fraize, tenor saxophone; Paul Pieper, guitar; Jon Ozment, piano; Nathan Kawaller, bass; Leland Nakamura, drums

Album Description

Facts + Figures is a new album of all original music for acoustic jazz quartet and quintet. It features compositions written over the past two decades that reflect some of the important events, places and people (the facts + figures) in my life. Initially conceived as more of a "straight-ahead" piano-anchored quartet record (after 20+ years of recording as a leader, something that I had yet to do…), the focus began to shift during the tune and personnel selection process. I found myself drawn toward compositions that were less conventional in terms of form and structure, such as the 15-beat cycle that underpins much of "The Ides of March" and the 19-bar form of "I to I", and that I would really enjoy hearing this amazing cast of players on. Ultimately, I feel that I got the best of both worlds. While the music presented here honors the traditions of classic small-group jazz in many ways, my hope is that it does so in its own, unpredictable way.

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