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Clifford Taylor

WEST COAST RYTHMS PRESENTS... Che' Da Fantom Menace;(Ladies can call me “Che'” and fellas can call me “Fantom”. Ladies can also call me “Fantom” if you like ruffnecks.)

Singer,writer & producer originally a Dayton, Ohio native “TURNED OUT BY DA WEST”... Ohio's in my heart but Cali's in my head. It explains the dual culture in me. NOT! a typical R&B artist. A lil' UNORTHODOX w/ unique lyrical content and vocal styles.My music gotta have soul and it gots to be funky. If I cant feel it or smell it, I won't touch it or eat it! And it gots to be hood. These are some of the reasons I call myself Funk/Soul instead of R&B. I feel R&B kinda lost it's soul.

My name,Che' Da Fantom Menace” represents the unpredictable & versatile styles of my music. And also dual personalites “Che'” as the cool, calm,intellectual,sensual and romantic type and “Fantom” as the mystical, wild, crasy,freaky,ignorant and BRUTALLY honest type BUT FUN!! Can't help 2 luv'em

My lyrical styles are from point A to Z... I either love you to death or Hate your [email protected]&in guts. Basically half man and beast like my Sagittarius sign.




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