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Born in Germany, drummer Felix Schlarmann today lives and works in Amsterdam.

He holds a master’s degree in jazz drums from the Conservatory of Amsterdam as a student of Martijn Vink. Beside that he studied with John Riley at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.

Felix Schlarmann released his first album “Counterlife” on Challenge Records in 2014. With the Dutch powerjazz formation BRUUT! he appeared on international festivals all over the globe, like the North Sea Jazzfestival, Tokyo Jazzfestival, London Jazzfestival and many more. He also is a member of Mechanical Duck and several other formations.

As a big band drummer Felix Schlarmann worked with some of the best Dutch Jazz Orchestras and currently plays with the Millenium Jazz Orchestra.

Felix teaches at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Several of his compositions for classical percussion are published by the Gretel Verlag, Germany.

At Amsterdam’s venue Studio /K Felix Schlarmann runs his own monthly jazzevent called ‘Jazz in /K’, which features the finest Dutch jazz artists. Also he is the founder and musical director of a new Jazzfestival in the Netherlands, ‘Jazzfest Amsterdam’.


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