Ferit Odman

Instrument: Drums

Born: July 7, 1982

“I live with jazz. I love everything and anything about it.”

For some, the creative pursuit is but a facet of their everyday life. It’s an outlet for them, a place to let off steam or pour themselves into something other than the daily rat race of life. But for others, like self-described “jazz maniac” Ferit Odman, that journey is one that permeates every ounce of who they are, consuming their every moment with the search for the perfect riff, the tightest beat, and the smoothest flow.

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Jazz Bastard
CD/LP/Track Review
Take Five With...
CD/LP/Track Review
Take Five With...
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”Dameronia With Strings is a jazz masterwork that all the musicians involved in its making should be proud of; not only for their performances but for how wonderful a tribute it is to Tadd Dameron.”

Heath Andrews - Rating 5: Stars (out of 5)

”Odman is a renowned jazz figure in his homeland of Turkey, and this spectacular, dazzling LP will only solidify his status as a stellar global talent.”

Stacey Zering - Nodepression

”There’s an immeasurable gulf between the stage and the studio that many musicians simply can’t navigate. Turkish drummer Ferit Odman bridges that divide effortlessly on Nommo (Equinox 104-3; 48:55 * * * ½ ), a studio recording that channels enough live-band energy that the absence of post-solo applause comes almost as a shock...” —Shaun Brady, Downbeat Magazine (Nov-2011)

”...This drummer assembled a thoughtful group of notables for sessions held in Brooklyn, NY, and then smartly allowed each of them to join the conversation

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