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For Those Who Are, Still

For Those Who Are, Still

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William Parker

Label: AUM Fidelity
Released: 2015
Views: 1,822

Track Listing

CD 1:
01. For Fannie Lou Hamer; 02. Vermeer; 03. Awash in the Midst of An Angel's Tears; 04. Essence; 05. Flower Song - Take 2; 06. Just Feel; 07. Feet as Roses; 08. Gongs for Deaf Dreams; 09. Sweet Breeze; 10. Flower Song - Take 1.
CD 2:
01. Villages, Greetings and Prayer; 02. Souls Have Fallen Like Rain; 03. The Giraffe Dances; 04. Tour of the Flying Poem; 05. Children Drawing Water from The Well; 06. Where Do You Send the Poem.
CD 3:
01. A Magical Figure Dances Barefoot in the Mud; 02. Light Shimmering Across a Field of Ice; 03. Trees With Wings; 04. Rise Up in Sound; 05. Humble Serious; 06. Tea Leaves of Triple Sadness; 07. Ritual; 08. Winter; 09. My Cup; 10. Encore.


Vari organici, con: William Parker, contrabbasso, flauti, ngoni; Leena Conquest: voce; Todd Reynolds: violino; Shiau-Shu Yu: violoncello; JD Parran: ance varie; Sam Furnace: ance varie; Ravi Best: tromba; Masahiko Kono: trombone; Kathleen Supové: pianoforte; Nicki Parrot: contrabbasso; JT Lewis: batteria; Jim Pugliese: percussioni; Darryl Foster: sax soprano, sax tenore; Eri Yamamoto: pianoforte; Klaas Hekman: sax basso, flauto; Cooper-Moore: pianoforte; Hamid Drake: batteria; Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay: voce, shruti elettronico; Mola Sylla: voce, mbira, ngoni; Bill Cole: strumenti a doppia ancia; Rob Brown: sax alto; Charles Gayle: sax tenore, sax soprano, pianoforte; Mike Reed: batteria.


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