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Francesco Diodati is a modern guitar player whose inspiration is steeped in traditional jazz, contemporary, rock and folk music. He has developed his personal language by combining a spontaneous melodic approach with a clever use of electronics and effects.

Francesco is Neko’s band leader, including Francesco Bigoni and Carlo Conti, Francesco Ponticelli, Ermanno Baron, that has debuted in 2008 and since then is touring worldwide. In 2010 the group releases a first album, Purple Bra, published by Auand Records, amongst the most important European labels for contemporary jazz., followed by Need Something Strong. Both the albums have received an enthusiastic response by critics.

He also leads the band Yellow Squeeds, his new “Tuba band”, with Francesco Lento and Mirco Rubegni, Enrico Zanisi, Glauco Benedetti and Enrico Morello. They released their first album in 2015, “Flow, Home.” for Auand.

Since 2014 Francesco is part of the New Quartet of Enrico Rava and they also play in duo.

Since 2010 he is part of the ambitious project “MyanmarMeetsEurope”, which tours extensively in Asia and Europe.

He also joins the band of Erica Mou, the new talent of italian Voice. Active on national and international jazz scene, Francesco is part of Marcello Allulli Trio, Italian/French band Travelers, leaded by Matteo Bortone, Julian Pontvianne Abhra, Bobby Previte Plutino, Gaetano Partipilo Contemporary Five, Simona Severini Ensemble.

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