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Despite a seemingly never ending number of “karaoke Sinatra” imitators (that claim to make the classic hits their own), there are a few in the music business that really are doing justice to yesterday's pop and jazz melodies. There are a handful of singers that have excelled at the forgotten art of interpreting standards and swing. A select group of music professionals that actually have the right sound, the right voice for this genre. Frank Lamphere is a part of this select group. His strong but pleasing baritone may evoke a 1950s Dean Martin, the jazz phrasing might bring Tony Bennett or Mel Tormè to mind, the Sinatra imprint is obviously there, but make no mistake; Frank Lamphere has a style and sound all his own.

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”His voice, now more than ever before, is a wonderful blend of masculine strength and smooth, rounded edges”

“The fledgling composer succeeds with five originals with catchy lyrics, good production value, and top notch playing by some of Chicago’s finest musicians”

“Unlike singers like Michael Buble who initially succeed in one genre but cross over into more popular styles, Frank demonstrates respect for the style he loves. Without being a generic impersonator, Lamphere derives inspiration from the usual suspects, Sinatra and Dean Martin. But I didn’t find myself comparing him to either”

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