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Frank Marocco

Frank Marocco was born in Joliet, Illinois USA 1/2/31. He studied classical Accordion for 9 years in The Chicago area. Frank Marocco also studied clarinet, Piano, Harmony & Theory. Began his professional career playing in clubs and hotels all over America with a Trio he organized at age 18. Jazz was his first Love but the opportunity to make a living playing Jazz was not easy and he eventually made his way west to Los Angeles where he worked as a session studio Musician becoming one of the most recorded Accordionists in the world playing on hundreds of Movie soundtracks, TV shows and record dates. He has recorded film music with a long list of composers; John Williams, Quincy Jones, Elmer Bernstein, Michele Le Grand, Henry Mancini and dozens of others. Frank Marocco has also played with some of the best Jazz Musicians in America and Europe; Ray Brown, Jeff Hamilton, Zoot Sims, Joe Pass, Joey Baron, Herb Ellis, Ray Pizzi, Ivor Malherbe, Massimo Tagliata, Conti Candoli, Philippe Cornaz, John Pattatucchi, Mats Vinding, Mogens Baekgaard Andersen, Marcel Papaux, Angela Hagenbach, Ron Feuer, Richard Galliano, Peter Erskine, Klaus Paier, Renzo Ruggieri, Pete Christlieb, Larry Koonse, Simone Zanchini, Andy Simpkins, Bob Shepard, Frank Rossolino, Jim Hall, Abraham Laboriel, Dan Higgin, Grant Geissman, Luis Conte and Stix Hooper just to name a few. His passion is Jazz and in recent years has been playing concerts in Europe, Japan and Brazil.

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Lessons: General using of the accordion in the various Jazz Stiles How to use the left and right hand of the accordion for harmonics and rhythms The Advanced techniques in the using of the standard bass (stradella) for the combination of Jazz Chords and harmonies. How to accompany other jazz players and solutions for different formations. In the world of accordion performance, Frank Marocco is a giant. Not only for his mastery of the instrument itself, but for his highly developed musicality

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