Frisson Sextet

Frisson Sextet by Vernau Mier

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Vernau Mier

Label: Fresh Sound Records
Released: 2018
Views: 884

Track Listing

The Spunky Beginning of a New Life; Na Carreira; Freedom Rythm; La Bossa De l'Encarnació; Vaya Turca!; Aspiration of a Painless Distance; Wo Isch De Blues; Zenzero


Vernau Mier
Vernau Mier

saxophone, alto

Additional Personnel / Information

Pol Omedes: trumpet; Vernau Mier: alto saxophone; Albert Carrique: soprano/tenor sax & bass clarinet; Joan Codina: trombone; Manel Fortià: doublebass; Andreu Pitarch: drums

Album Description

Frisson Sextet, the second album from the saxophonist/composer Vernau Mier, is an introspective work summarizing his personal experiences during the last months in Barcelona before starting a new chapter in Switzerland. It is through his compositions that he reflects on the experience of being detached from a place and a life and migrating to an unknown place. Looking forward to new opportunities with the freedom to explore new frontiers while dealing with the frisson caused by the beginning of a new life. Frisson Sextet merges different sounds of the jazz tradition, from a straight-ahead approach to free- jazz and odd meters. Although the arranged parts have a lot of importance on an ensemble like this, the improvisation and interaction are very present in almost every second.


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