Funky Mustard

The Funky Mustard Band is a project started by Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Larry D. White & Drummer/Singer Kevin Crenshaw in the summer of 2002. After playing together for over 14 years in a couple of different local Houston bands they decided to start “Funky Mustard” as a collective musical project. Their approach to writing music would be one without format, or genre. Their influences of Herb Alpert, Pat Metheny, Weather Report , and John Scofield show thru in this CD . Gardner Headrick on Bass uses a method of attack and overall abstract style reminiscent of Jaco Pastorious. Lead Guitarist Sparky Parker adds to the mix his uncommon style from sometimes vintage stock. Rapidly recognized as one of the best bands coming out of Houston, Texas, these guys really know how to bring a song to life. Their songs take you there and bring you back, in one comfortable ride. Be prepared to be taken to an all-new musical zone. They are never afraid to use Strings, Horns, Flutes, or Bagpipes to achieve the Mood. Their 3rd CD “Jazza Mostaza” is full of Eclectic New World Music, with sprinkles of Jazz. The track “Alma del Fuego” takes you to the Heart of the Funky Mustard mix, complete with Gypsy Violin, and Miles Davis style muted Trumpet to accent the mood .


Gibson Explorer Guitar , Vox Valvetronics Amplifier



Album Jazza Mostaza by Funky Mustard

Jazza Mostaza

Moosepie Records


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