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Gabacho Connection

This 2008 Jazz quintet owns a repertoire of compositions: an inventive, melodic jazz that is, above all, eclectic. Charley Rose: sax Baptiste Techer: trombone Willy Muñoz: piano, Eric Oxandaburu: double bass Vincent Thomas: drums The very first record of this adventure arrived on March 2011, Quadrant Records. Gigs in jazz clubs and Festivals in Europe and South America (Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Vigo, Islas Canarias, Santander, Zaragoza, Biarritz, Bayonne, Quito, Guyaquil, Tena, Ibarra...) In their beginning during 2008, “Gabacho Connection” disseminated music by French jazz composers, such as Henri Texier, Julien Lourau, Bojan Z, Aldo Romano, Magic Malik…


TECHNICAL REQUIREMENT: Piano: An acoustic piano, if possible a Grand Piano or baby grand piano. A lectern. A keyboard chair. A Fender Twin Reverb amplifier for the keyboard. Drums: Jazz Drums (18” bass drum, 12” toms, and 14” two plate supports). All the microphones for a Jazz style concert: Bass drum, drum, 2 environment ones. Double-bass: An injection box. A lectern. Sax: A microphone. A lectern. Trombone: A microphone. A lectern.

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Gabacho Connection

Gabacho Connection

Quadrant Records

Buena Conclusion

Buena Conclusion

Gabacho Connection
Gabacho Connection


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