Gadjes Band

The word “gadjo” means “not gypsy”, thereby “Gadjes Band” is a non-gypsy band that plays gypsy jazz.

“Gadjes Band” was formed in 2004 by Russian blues and jazz guitarist Eugene Nemov. The band includes Hawaiian guitar, acoustic guitar, violin and double-bass.

The main repertoire is popular and dance music from the early thirties to the late forties of XX century. It's gypsy swing and jazz, blues, jazz dance music, and very rare Hawaiian music. The main differences from other bands are authentic “good old” sound and gentle Hawaiian guitar voice.

The band's “calling card” is distinctive character, unusual expression, virtuosity and perfect style. If “Gadjes” are onstage, nobody can stay cool - everybody is dancing!


Dobro,gipsy guitar doublebass,violin,vocal


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