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Gadjo Dilo

Gadjo Dilo is a band that has combined the music of the legendary gypsy swing guitarist Django Reinhardt with the 50's and 60's Greek music. By mixing these two different cultures and experimenting on more jazz sounds, they perform covers of famous Greek songs, written by some of top Greek composers and thus, create their own truly original genre, Manouche De Grec.

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”Ce groupe grec donne le ton dès le premier morceau ; ça envoie comme on dit : excellents instrumentistes, swing et un parfum méditerranéen qui tient au choix du répertoire....Voilà un groupe qu’on aimerait voir à Samois.”

Translation: “This Greek band sets the tone from the first track; it takes us on a journey as they say: excellent instrumentalists, swing and a Mediterranean perfume due to the choice of repertoire. Here's a band that we would like to see perform in Samois Festival”

Francis Couvreux,