Gail Marten Gail Marten

Born in Philadelphia, Gail Marten (Divac/Hurlbrink/Cooke) began her singing career in 1980 shortly after moving to Maryland. Performing throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Marten has captivated audiences at music festivals, concert venues, jazz clubs and private social events.

During the 80's and 90's, Gail held long term engagements at many premier area hotels and bistros and has sung with many jazz notables including Cyrus Chestnut, Benny Waters, Reuben Brown, Dick Durham, Arnold Sterling, Mickey Fields, Greg Hatza, Billy Colucci, Bob Diener and Charles Covington at venues that include Baltimore's Pier Six Concert Pavilion and Ethel's Place, New York's West End Club and Rita Dimitri's, Charlie's-Georgetown and The Hilton in Gatwick, England.

In 1983, Marten met world famous saxophonist Benny Waters at an engagement at the Hilton Hotel, and they established an on-going musical association and friendship and occasionally performed concerts together in the mid-Atlantic area until his death in 1997 at the age of 96.

Marten met pianist Clem Ehoff at the Renaissance Hotel in Baltimore where they worked together for the first time in the early ’90s. They established a musical connection, and three CDs were recorded, BEYOND THE RAINBOW 2001, PURE JOY 2003 and IS IT LOVE 2007 receiving numerous awards.



Album In Love Again by Gail Marten

In Love Again

Self Produced

Album Is It Love? by Gail Marten

Is It Love?

Jazz Palette


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