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Gary Fields

Aspirion Records Group artist Gary Fields is a standout among youthful crooners determined to make the Great American Songbook appealing for a new generation. Fields has a rich, confident voice he uses with taste and restraint. When you combine such great musicianship with a strong respect for lyric and melody, the result is a young performer of surprising maturity. His talent will satisfy the most discerning among music lovers. For Gary’s first commercial recording, SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT, he chose some well loved tunes including Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh’s The Best Is Yet To Come, and Delores Vickie Silvers’ Learnin the Blues. Then Gary dug deeper into the thousands of overlooked songs which don’t get their due. The collection is fresh and appealing for a worldwide multi-generational and multi-cultural audience.

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“Count me in when it comes to touting a great new talent like Gary Fields. Gary’s SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT is a 13-course feast. Aspirion Records has an Adult Standards winner !!!” …Bill Miller, host/The Bill Miller Show (100 show network). Charter Member, The Kansas Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

“This is one 27 year old who really, truly gets the essence of what he’s singing. His voice is smoother than silk, and he is a joy to discover. SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT is in permanent rotation on my show.” … Paul Richards, WHLI, NY.

“Fields shows versatility and prowess that surprised us.” …O’s Place Jazz

“Here’s a fresh sounding vocalist with lots to say… ‘A Day In The Life Of A Fool’ can’t be bettered; it’s as full-flavoured as it can be

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