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GayeLynn McKinney

GayeLynn McKinney's drumming style is electric; transitioning from jazz to latin to rock to funk, she is a woman with many facets. Her signature style of drumming can be seen through her uncanny improvisation, power, speed and an always-present deliberate control. McKinney is a founding member of the Detroit based, Grammy nominated all female jazz group STRAIGHT AHEAD. McKinney is also a talented saxophonist and singer and a member of a musical dynasty, which helps to explain her powerhouse style!

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Gayelynn McKinney selected as a “self driven, self motivated” musician, to be featured in Jon Brumits radio tour. “The tour celberates Meto Detroiters with unusual get-up-and-go such as Gayelynn McKinney, who fought to become one of the few female professional jazz drummers.” - Michael Hodges, The Detroit News

Metro Times featured Gayelynn McKinney's first solo self released CD ”It's About Time”. “Part of the legendary musical McKinney clan and a member of Straight Ahead, drummer-keyboardist McKinney delivers a perfectly pleasant smooth jazz disc, including covers of “Makin' Love in the Rain” and “Don't Worry Be Happy.” Then there's the curve ball of the wailin' title track

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