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Gen Cotena

Gen Cotena has played with some of the best italian jazz players like double bassist Attilio Zanchi recording together two albums with guest such as Tino Tracanna and Max De Aloe. Caminante is the first work as leader, with Nazzareno Brischetto on trumpet, Marco Rottoli on doublebass and Matteo Rebulla on Drums. The album came out 16 October 2018 for “SMV” italian label- The artistic director is Fabrizio Fedele (guitarist and composer). Gen starts his career in 2012, playing all round the country with a band called “Sonatin for a Jazz Funeral” in festival like IMaggio Festival, Voci dal Sud, MEI di Faenza, Beatscape Festival Internazionale della musica indipendente etc. With the same band he recorded an album called “SFJF” with the label Tippin’the velvet. In 2014 he has a brief experience in Berlin, playing around the best city’s club. Then he come back in Italy and graduated in Jazz Guitar at Conservatory of Music of Milan. He has recorded as sideman two albums for SMV label, a co-production called “Stream of Consciousness” with the guitarist Fabrizio Fedele and played at some of most important Jazz Festival in Italy as Vittoria Jazz Fest, or the opening night for “JazzMi” at Belvedere Jannacci. Gen has played with VJO Jazz Orchestra, Angiolo Tarocchi Jazz Orchestra, Pino Jodice, Fabrizio Fedele and occasional collaboration with many other jazz musicians

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