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George Christian Vilela Pereira

GEORGE CHRISTIAN George Christian is a composer who was born in Salvador, August 10th , 1981. His artistic beginnings were in the poetry and drawing fields, but it was through music and his guitar that he’s decided to show his face to the (virtual) world, releasing his first solo album, Às Vezes Sempre in 2010, by the French label Stomoxine Records. Since 2013, he’s been performing sporadically solo or as a guest, having also some passages in some groups. George now has 15 albums in his resume, released by the following labels: Deep White Sound, Boolean Records (extinct), Spectropol Records, Plataforma Records, SattvaLand Records, Sê-lo Netlabel, Mansarda Records and, now, Zpoluras Archives. In the local scenario, he catalogs and releases physical copies through his personal label GC Sound Artifacts. He also has already collaborated with a diversity of artists in the local experimental scene, as well as virtually, participating on compilations or collective albums. In his compositional work, George Christian deals with the instrumental and vocal procedures in freely manner concerning its insertion into academic, classical or popular circles. The guitar is his main instrument of creation, while writing vocal or instrumental scored pieces or in (semi)improvised and eletroacoustic pieces. His approach isn’t restricted to the pure experimental research. His works are, primarily, conceptual and poetic, which digress on experiences of tonal misplacements as possibilities of spectral or microtonal transcendence.

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”Pouco se sabe sobre George Christian. O que se sabe é que ele é um pianista vinculado à Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA). O disco AntiClimaxTransMorte, porém, deixa bem claro de que não se trata de um mero pianista. Virtuoso, sim, mas com capacidade de intercalar entre clusters, glissandos e grandes passagens intimidadoras, que lincam Chopin a Thelonious Monk com uma personalidade arrebatadora.” - Tiago Ferreira, Na Mira do Groove

“(George Christian) is a striking figure of new music found on netlabels. He avoids the limited and “sacro-saint” pure sound oriented approach.” - Vincent Bergeron,