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JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI POEMS SET TO MUSIC BY GEOGRE STEFANAKIS This work is the completion of my creative wandering of many years, accompanied by the offering of certain people, who have stood by me at the right moment. Today, after seven years of creative work, most poems of Jiddu Krishnamurti have been set to music. Their publication commences with the first CD titled after the poem “Come Away”, including the first ten songs from the chapter “Prose Poems”(1) This work has not been limited within specific music boundaries.It comprises a balanced combination between my knowledge of music and my heart's sentiments. And, it being not a product of compromise or addiction but, deriving from heart I, thus urge you to perceive and enjoy it; within your heart! Cordially George Stefanakis (1) J. Krishnamurti: “From Darkness to Light; Poems and Parables”

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Come Away

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